New Manchester City Home Shirt For 2010-11 Is Simple, Classy (With Leaked Photos)

Ollie Irish

2nd, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Of course there was absolutely zero need to bring out another new Man City home shirt, as the current one is rather lovely, but I do think this new one is slightly lovelier. It reeks of class and even looks comfortable, as so many of the new Umbro kits do.

I especially like the collar detailing – on the inside you may notice a mini striped scarf motif, no doubt added as a nod to scarf-obsessed gaffer Roberto Mancini.

What say you, discerning people of Planet Internet?

Recropped pics via FSC

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In other news, I see David Platt has joined City’s coaching staff. Platty is an old mate of Mancini’s, as the pair played together for Sampdoria in the early 1990s.

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  1. haggersby says:

    Been doing the rounds for a fw days this one- looks like a photoshop to me; the v-neck from last season is clearly visable even though we’ve gone round neck. Like I say, could be genuine and like you say, there was no need to change last season’s either.

  2. James says:

    I like it too. Less is more in my opinion and I like the simplicity of this design. City have had some monstrosities in the past. I note with interest that the scarf feature appears to have maroon in it. I hope that maroon appears as trim elsewhere on the kit – perhaps on the socks like our kit of the late 60s/early 70s when the likes of Bell, Lee, and Summerbee ran circles around our opponents.

  3. Brett says:

    When are City going to release details of the new home and away kits? Most other clubs have already done so. Why are they waiting so long? There hasn’t even been a teaser from the club. With the holiday season fast approaching, I would have thought they would want to have the shirts on sale soon so that the fans can have them for thier holibobs. Nice shirt though (if genuine). Agree with the comment about maroon trim; that would be nice to see again.

  4. ben says:

    not a patch on their kit last season. That was a beaut. this is ok. but not keen on the subtle stipes.

  5. Sam Faecalmatterface says:

    Not bad but not as nice as last season. Don’t like the collar, looks weird. Should have just had last years top but with the white cuffs added, would have been perfection.

  6. TJS06 says:

    V-neck from last season?? Last season we had a round neck! Really nice shirt, I think it probably I’d genuine as it is very similar to the new England away shirt, if you look at the shoulders, it is a different material to the main part of the shirt, it is more shiny, just like the red England shirt.

  7. Goatman says:

    Yeah we REALLY needed a new shirt – along with gradual ticket price increases. Is there only me can see the way things are going?

  8. GJA says:

    Haggersby you muppet, photoshopped ‘V-neck’ my a**E, it’s the display stand under the shirt!!

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