Mesut Ozil Has Excellent Taste In T-Shirts

Ollie Irish

23rd, August 2010


MESUT Ozil in Madrid at the weekend, wearing a most excellent ‘Dallas’ T-shirt. We approve. It’s very difficult to dislike young Mesut, isn’t it.

Via Goaly Moly (which has more fine pics of Real’s players out on the town together)

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  1. shay says:

    I wonder if he had any idea who Sue Ellen is/was?

  2. GoodGrief says:

    Hes German. Thats reason enough not to like him.
    Does he even know what it says?

  3. deckard says:

    i can’t imagine chicks falling over for him though, he looks like a f*cking space alien. don’t tell me he’ll be a real madrid pin-up a la ronaldo.

  4. shawn says:

    trend follower.

    when he was in the shop he was thinking,”well, it looks cool…a classic black and white with a woman of the 60s or 70s and some cool random words in English, i suppose it mean well. well, it’s gonna look cool on me, alright, i’ll take it!”

  5. Yobo says:


    At least the Gertmans are modest. I thought the English were gonna beat them in the world cup. Remember 66 and all that shite.

    Good honest people even if they’re a pain in the arse.

    He’s more Turkish I reckon. Hasn’t got the blonde hair and blue eyes

  6. Kruks says:

    It’s impossible to not like him! :-)

  7. komu says:

    yup he’s more turkish

  8. Rusty says:

    He claims he doesn’t drink since he’s a devout Muslim, so he really isn’t an alcoholic.

    (And I’d hit that, as long as I was able to burn the shirt first, then wash out the hair gel. It was the World Cup wot did it.)

  9. Tatum says:

    He so is attractive to women, there are 1000’s of fan girls all over the internet, my sis is one of them. Why do people call him ugly? He’s cute to exotic! I don’t think he’s a devout muslim though, devout muslims don’t date reknowned slags who are still married to one guy, have a kid by another guy, massive silicone tits and more botox/restylane/collagen than Donny Osmond, do they?

  10. simone says:

    He’s got this hotness about him, and his eyes seem to work for him

  11. EL GRINGO says:

    He could be a shit lookalike to Rob Schneider from the “Deuce Bigelow” flicks……could he not?

  12. HusseIn says:

    Am so sure its good looking

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