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Top 10 European Away Kits For 2010-11

By Ollie Irish

A selection of our favourite away kits in Europe for the 2010-11 season:


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St Pauli

What’s your favourite away kit this year?

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By Ollie Irish on August 31st, 2010 in Featured, Kits & fashion, Photos, Top 10s & lists. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

30 Responses to “Top 10 European Away Kits For 2010-11”

  1. Al Neri says:

    St. Pauli is the best one. The worst one is Lyon.

  2. epiblast says:

    Oh come on, Ollie. That Inter away kit is pure shit.

  3. onixkun says:

    sporting lisbon, hands down.

    @ephiblast: the Inter kit looks a bit overkilled, but it’s not too bad IMO.

  4. shay says:

    Inter’s looks like something from a bad Kung Fu movie circa 1977. Bleh.

  5. Ed says:

    What about Atletico Madrid’s?

  6. phil says:

    whatever happened to the new gallery format?

  7. Dacia says:

    St. Pauli is the best one, but the sponsor ruins it. Juventus is still great without sponsor.

  8. johnny says:

    Marseille the best

  9. Montesquieu says:

    St. Pauli always have classy kits!

  10. The Belgian says:

    wtf is up with lyon and marseille O.o
    I prefer the Juventus and HSV kits

  11. Trololololo says:

    Marseille looks like the seat cover on a 1960’s Rover. Lyon looks like the carpet in a low-rent casino. Message to Nike/Inter: the only people who wear shirts with dragons on them are fat Metallica fans who spend most of their time playing Magic: The Gathering in their mom’s basement; and there’s very little overlap between this demographic and that of Northern Italian football supporters.

    Best: Ajax, Hamburg and Juve.

  12. sasassas says:

    @trololololo, actually I think they may be on to something. Guido’s also like to wear sparkly dragon shirts, Inter is just cashing in on it’s trashy fanbase.

  13. Gamblino says:

    Dragon shirt is a pikey shocker. St Pauli class.

  14. Andrew Thompson says:

    Sporting and Juve

  15. logan says:


  16. michael says:

    real madrid and marseille. I also kinda like St Pauli

  17. QueerAsFuß says:

    I think it’s a serpent not a dragon on Inter’s kit as per their nicknames: il Biscione and il Serpente.
    Still looks like a 9 year old drew it on the inside cover of their Math’s book.

    Love Marseille’s plaid kit!

  18. DD says:


  19. BL says:

    That inter kit is horrendous.

  20. burgie says:

    those are all the ugliest kits i ever did see

  21. Chris says:

    Nice to see a bit of creativitiy on that Inter shirt, but I’d love to know the significance of a dragon? Weirdos!

  22. Red says:

    Marseille, Inter and Ajax

  23. Tony says:

    St Pauli? BORINGGGGGGGG. Lyon & Inter are the best ones. They don’t look like your average football jerseys. Unique.

  24. dnpma says:

    err… inter??
    it looks rubbish!
    it doesnt look “like your average football jersey”… but why would you want to wear a shirt with a dragon printed on it?

  25. Anne says:

    I love the asymmetry on the Sporting jersey, and the Ajax one is just classy. The Lyon one is hideous, imo, and I’m not sure why Bayern’s here – they’re my club but I find that jersey really boring.

  26. Lee says:

    St Pauli’s kit looks as if it come from the medieval times… But with logo’s and sponsorship on.

  27. Lord Flashheart says:

    geez OM’s looks like table cloth … gross

  28. sanur says:

    Theres nothing special about the Inter, Real Madrid, Bayern, St Pauli and Ajax kits as they look like normal home jerseys. For me Juventus tops it with Sporting second and Marseille third and where is Barcas green kit which I think is beautiful.

  29. Tom Jones says:

    Sporting’s & Inter’s are great. The HSV one is good aswell. Nothing special about the rest of them. Except the Lyon one who is freakin’ awful.

  30. J-Bizz says:

    Lyon is like some bad 70s wallpaper.

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