DVD review: Green Street


19th, September 2006


I know this hooligan drama has been out for a while on DVD, but I’ve only just got round to watching it. Was it worth the wait? Sort of. I enjoyed it, in the same way that I enjoyed The Firm (the Gary Oldman one, not the Tom Cruise blockbuster) and The Football Factory. Football hooligans may be idiots, but they are fascinating idiots.  

DVD review: Green Street continued…

The film’s biggest problem is its casting. Elijah Wood is a solid actor but he’s miscast as Matt,
the Harvard dropout-turned-West Ham hoolie. He’ll always be Frodo to
me, and I can’t see Frodo being too handy with a Stanley knife, no
matter how smart he is with an elvish blade. Charlie Hunnam, who plays
Wood’s brother-in-law, the leader of a famous West Ham firm (the GSE,
or Green Street Elite – based, presumably on the real ICF) is also out
of his depth. His ‘cock-er-knee’ accent is hilariously rubbish, plus
he’s too much of a pretty boy to be believed as the leader of a big

But, as I said before, I did enjoy it. The other characters, including
the excellent Marc Warren as Hunnam’s older brother, were believable
and the story ticked along nicely. The cinematographer did a good job of capturing the darker side of London too. It wasn’t a phoney American view of our capital. I’m glad I didn’t go to the cinema
to see it, but it’s worth renting on DVD (also playing on Sky Movies at
the moment, I think). BUY IT

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  1. Dave says:

    Sorry mate. great blog, but I can’t let this go.
    It was/is a terrible film.
    The casting was rubbish, accents unbeleivable, the plot was paper thin, and there were turns that defied belief (the missus turning up near the end at that fight scene…? wtf?). Shall I go on?
    I don’t mind a good hoolie film for a laugh, but this did absolutely nothing for me at all. All it did was make me look for more inconsistencies as it went on (which Manchester train station was that?).
    Do not support this rubbish. Spend your money on something more worthwhile instead. A kebab, for example.

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Fair points Dave – guess I was feeling charitable when I watched it!
    I enjoyed it as pure popcorn rubbish, but there are much more authentic hoolie films out there – The Firm, for one.