Romeo Beckham Is 26th Most Stylish ‘Man’ Around, Says GQ Magazine

Ollie Irish

4th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

“Dad, I simply must have that Prada cape.”

GQ magazine says, when it comes to fashion Romeo Beckham (who is eight years old) is “frighteningly tuned in”. Romeo made their 50 Most Stylish Men bullshit list, at No.26 no less.

David Walker-Smith, who works in menswear at Selfridges, agrees. Walker-Smith told GQ: “Romeo is experimental, quirky and fun, and his style has nothing mini-me about hit. It’s me-me.”

I suspect Mr Walker-Smith is destined for an appearance in Private Eye’s Pseud’s Corner. Quite right too. From the sound of it, he also merits a place for life in Cunt’s Corner.

As for the hugely irrelevant GQ, no wonder it’s dying on its Ralph Lauren Purple Labeled arse, especially with that shallow sycophant Dylan Jones still in the editor’s chair. Still! Who reads it anyway? Foxton’s estate agents and Richard Hammond, I guess.

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