Barcelona To Wear Black Away Kit Next Season? (With Photo)

Ollie Irish

5th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

This is supposedly a first look at Barcelona’s next away shirt (source: El Mundo Deportivo), made by Nike and complete with Qatar Foundation sponsor’s logo on the chest. You might think it’s for goalkeeper Victor Valdes, who has been the man in the black in recent seasons, but no, it’s for the outfield players: Messi, Xavi and co.

It’s the first time Barcelona will have worn a black shirt and whilst it’s a cynical move by Nike (there’s no reason for Barca to wear black), at least it’s an improvement on Barca’s recent away kits…

What do you make of the black kit? Whatever Nike’s thinking, I quite like it, mostly because it puts me in mind of Man Utd’s classic SHARP black-and-gold away kit of the mid-1990s.

First Pic: Proposed Barcelona Shirt With Qatar Foundation Logo

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  1. Jon says:

    I must say I’m a fan on the bright blue one, not so much the pink. However, the black one is resoundingly average, and the sponsor’s logo really doesn’t help matters.


  2. Jano Olsson says:

    i personally think the blue(?) away kit is disgusting.. easily the worst of them all.. even the safety yellow one was better.
    The black one is cool though.. can’t wait to see how they all look playing in all black kits.. it will be very cool!
    Hit for me!

  3. Miguel - NYC says:

    I think it is cool, but it can be any team’s kit. Nothing about it screams barca.
    Now, the new home kit is really atrocious. The worst in many, many years.

  4. Cal-Bell says:

    Regarding the logo, I could do a better job on Paint than that shit.

  5. mok says:

    the jersey looks a bit photoshoped and it also lacks an original look.

  6. Darren says:

    Nah the black one is too bland. At least have some Barca-ish motifs on it like maroon and blue.

  7. lars says:

    Did nobody else realize the horrible photoshop job on this jersey its clearly fake

  8. PhilandoTorres says:

    Black kits are better suited to a team of rough and tumble, hard-case bastards.

    Lining up against Barca must be daunting enough, even when they’re wearing fucking bright pink or orange.

  9. It’s a classy look, suited to their classy fluid play.

    I do actually like the blue kit, purely because of the reminder of the home kit below the neck, think that works very well.

    The logo is a real shame though…who ever designed the Qatar Logo was obviously having a hungover day in the office and picked a random font instead of creating a logo and brand worthy of Barca.

    Nevertheless, 8/10

  10. Santi says:

    I fucking love the salmon and teal kits! (aka pink and green/blue)

  11. DirkVA says:

    Love it. It reminds me of the heyday of the Pittsburgh Steelers!

  12. BestHenry says:

    Barca lost their conscience, now, they lost their spirit :'(

  13. Kaetan-Hitz Bhatt says:

    I’m boycotting the Barca kit until they change the qatar foundation sponsorship. I will not have my money fund hate preachers and terrorism around the world.

  14. Wreh Philip says:

    I love the black but the logo. i will mantain the barcelona logo and not the qatar.

  15. of these are just a little too much! Chelsea are still ib the title race, and I doubt they’ll miss out on a CL spot. Tottenham will most definetely not win the CL and Diego Forlan is not what he used to be. Man City wont win the EPL and Gerrard will stay at Liverpool

  16. Corvus says:

    I really dislike the ‘Qatar Foundation’ logo but at least they didn’t put that UGLY Sidra tree blotchy thing below the lettering. I suppose this is aesthetically the best rendition possible, of an otherwise morally disastrous sponsorship deal.

    But I still can’t believe that we are bumping UNICEF from the front, in favor of this royalist appatarus from a tiny Sheikdom with a history of human rights violations.

    I’l be glad to when Rosell is gone and this sponsorship is over. Barca has lost its way on this deal.

  17. cajethan says:

    we are doing dis to settle our debt,thank God dat unicef understands very well.we will still come back to dem fully wen we wust hv finished our debt very soon.d black jersey is cool and calm.Barca for life.

  18. elroy81 says:

    I think its a smart looking shirt, better than the ‘salmon’ colored one! lol

  19. Fieser Jude says:


  20. Bamidele Lekan says:

    I think this shirt look good, i love Barcelona Fc, and i realy like all their jersey both home and away so keep it up Barcelona.

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