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Football Snapshot: Daniel Agger Shows-Off Huge ‘Viking Graveyard’ Back Tattoo, vs England

By Chris Wright

Oodles of disposable income + vast swathes of free time to fill =

Impressive. Shit, but impressive. Lets hope he got the spell-checker involved before committing.

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By Chris on February 10th, 2011 in Kits & fashion. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

21 Responses to “Football Snapshot: Daniel Agger Shows-Off Huge ‘Viking Graveyard’ Back Tattoo, vs England”

  1. Chris says:

    Well, at least HE never has to look at it.

  2. dave says:

    Its horrible…..What a nob !

  3. walcrottch says:

    i’ll give him a pass on it because he’s danish and i don’t know what their cultural perspective is on giant viking tats.

  4. Oi! That's Right says:

    Good tattoo. Better than Beckham’s faggy stuff.

  5. pooky says:

    “Better than Beckham’s faggy stuff.”

    Well, quite – but Agger doesn’t have a cherub on his right shoulder whose feet look like a c*ck & b@lls when he wears a t-shirt!

  6. Jon says:

    Very impressive indeed, but I wouldn’t get it.

  7. Delboy Dublin says:

    Big Dan is a tattoo artist in his own right as well… he’s done tatts for a lot of the LFC squad, including adding to/finishing a lot of Skrtel’s ink… that said, I doubt he’s skillful enough to draw on his own back!

  8. Mr Miami Ink says:

    He’s got symmetrical Chinese symbol tattoos on each shoulder blade, the one on the right is’nt even a word, does he not realise if you flip a word around it’s not actually legible.

  9. kahhoe says:

    torres is a bastard and traitor player!

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  11. jittah says:

    I think its badass :)

  12. Vesa says:

    Damn, Daniel probably has a fair deal of viking blood in his veins.

  13. mflatley says:

    nice…..might as well finish up that right arm of his though

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  15. Viking says:

    I think it’s awesome!

  16. […] And Daniel Agger’s back tattoo might be even worse. [Pies] […]

  17. jesse says:

    I would love to get a tattoo off agger, i dont really want one too much but i would get one off him. I like that tattoo aswell.

  18. colin hannah says:

    hi who done these tattoos

  19. Conner Hasson says:

    The tattooist who did this was called Jason Steele.He worked at Fallen Angel Liverpool for a short period of time and become friendly with Daniel Agger,not because he liked football but because he wasn’t that interested in it.When Jason and I grew up together we more interested in bikes,drinkin,woman and getting up to all sorts of badness :) so an interest in football suffered our absence.Jason was a truly talented man and tattoist.He passed away 2nd April 2012 and I will miss him always.

  20. Big Baz says:

    Jason inked me a few years ago in Derry. Just heard a few days ago about his passing. Sad. He was a real talent.

    • Conner Hasson says:

      He was a great man and kid to be around….always laughing and up for a bit of craic :)Daniel had just been around to see Jason in hospital the night before this match where he exposed this tattoo….in all fairness to Daniel it was a lovely gesture….sort off said”LOOK JASON…I’LL SHOW YOUR WORK TO EVERYONE” as far as I know Jason had a wee quite smile about it :)

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