Barcelona Offer FIFA New Snood Alternative

Chris Wright

10th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

With FIFA bravely deciding to ban snoods just as summer begins to crown over the horizon, Barcelona – diligent souls that they be – have been beavering away, conducting experiments into providing us with new neck-warmer alternatives…

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  1. Nicko says:

    There’s 3 red cards right there….. were any given?

    p.s before “Jon” & “Andy Jo” waffle on with their bullshit… I’m not an arsenal fan.

  2. tell it like it is Nicko , though, I rather liked the snood, I for one will miss it

  3. tapioca says:

    It’s Barcelona, Nicko. Xavi could jog across the pitch with a baby’s head on a spike and, at worst, get a quiet word from the ref.

  4. Nuno says:

    Just love it.
    Only saw the Abidal one live and if it was Van Persie doing it he would get a red card and a 4 games ban.
    Also not an Arsenal fan, just a football fan starting to get tired of Barcelona’s superiority complex. Alves, Valdes and Busquets are just unbelievable c*nts…

  5. jerome says:

    man i luve to do victor valdes s face inn!i would luve it if he grabed my neck like that , i would put the reverse elbow hold to Ground sniff on that arogant liitle excuse for a man !!

  6. Chris also says:

    Yes, Barcelona are just a big group of sweet, humble fellows who love the beautiful game.

  7. Roger says:

    Arsenal have the little men syndrome, they try to be tough guys to make up for the lack of size they have on the team! hence all the cards. And since Barca is smaller than them they thought they could intimidate them.

  8. Tinez says:

    @Roger – yeh, the images on this page really do backup your argument that Arsenal are trying to be the tough guys, intimidating Barcelona. Nice.

  9. Scott says:

    Ya, Roger. Little man syndrome produced the cards. No, actully. That was the ref. How many cards did Barca get? These are clear bookings that went unpunished, while RVP gets a second yellow for wasting 5 seconds.

  10. Nuno says:

    Indeed, the picture definitely shows how Arsenal really tried to intimidate Barcelona… “all the cards” was a bit more due to Busacca’s Camp Nou fever. All of those above were card-worthy and none was shown. And how Daniel Alves finished the first half without a card is also remarkable.
    P.S.: For the record, I think Barça were worthy winners (Arsenal did an astonishing 0 shots…) BUT I’m just saying nobody can deny that the ref did some highly questionable decisions, mostly in Barça’s favour.

  11. dc says:

    oh please with the “barcelona superiority complex” nonsense. barca play dirty just like everybody else. they also work hard just like everybody else. and guess what: YOULL NEVER SEE A BARCELONA PLAYER ACT LIKE AN IDIOT IN A NIGHTCLUB OR GET IN A CAR CRASH OR TALK SHIT TO THE PRESS LIKE THEY DO IN ENGLAND. so dont talk sarcastically about “sweet and humble” barca players when their humility would put any english league player save ryan giggs to shame

    furthermore, ive NEVER seen an arsenal game without the players and manager whining at the ref. with the amount of decisions that have gone against barca ALL THE TIME in the spanish league now and over the last century, you all have nothing to complain about

    i don’t have a problem criticizing throat-grabbing by barca players but try not to over criticize it from way up there on your high horse

  12. […] West Ham are winning, and not in the way Charlie Sheen is, Chelsea have just about got people thinking they’re potentially back in the title race before they undoubtedly mess it up again, and Barcelona offered an alternative to the soon to be banned snoods. […]

  13. Gooner says:

    i see red cards.

  14. Jim says:

    bloody barca fans

  15. jojo says:

    haha, this is GOLD

  16. juancullo says:

    i really fucken hate barca

  17. BINDIPPER says:

    love barca’s football, hate the arrogant c*nts of fans they have

  18. […] suspected of diving). That then led to the midfield dust-up wherein several Barca players helpfully warmed up the snoodless necks of Van Persie and Nasri. It still absolutely amazes me how this conduct, which […]

  19. TravisKOP says:

    anybody ever put their hands on me like abidal did to RvP I’d smash 7 shades of shit out of them

  20. QueerAsFuß says:

    Oh thank god- those things were even too gay for me!

    I can’t help wondering how cold your neck can actually get running around for 90 minutes.
    Not enough to justify wearing the ‘snuggie’ of neck garments.

    Of course around these parts we’ll go out and kick the footy ball around when it’s -17 and the pitch is just an icy expanse pock-marked by the occasional un-scooped dog crap.
    No one has lost their neck to frostbite so far even though we bravely go snood-less.

  21. Ted Balls says:


    Oh really? Not that overrated tossarse Gerard Pique who acts like a complete prick everywhere he goes, then?

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