Snapshot: David Beckham Ruins Royal Wedding With Horrendous OBE Faux-Pas

Chris Wright

29th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

What’s wrong with this picture?

Yep, you guessed it. David Beckham systematically ruined the Royal Wedding for everyone by making the most grevious sartorial faux pas in the Usborne Big Book of Grevious Sartorial Faux Pas – showing up to Westminster Abbey with his OBE medal pinned to the wrong lapel of his suit.

Apparently, according to Royal protocol, the OBE is supposed to be worn on the left lapel and, as you can clearly see here, Becks got it as wrong as is humanly possible.

Sickening. It’s a wonder they didn’t call the whole goddamn shebang off – and with that goes Pies’ first and last mention of today’s coma-inducing Royal nonsense.

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    Even the Queen could forgive him for that.

  2. Beth says:

    Unforgivable: Posh’s ridiculous forehead disc (also Beatrice/Eugenie/whatserface’s goofy Martian hat).

  3. Steven (East-Bank) says:

    What beggars belief is the way some commentators falsely portray Beckham and our future King of England as being kindred spirited close acquaintance. One is a well educated and highly skilled life saving helicopter pilot whilst the other is a shallow, semi-intelligent, semi-articulate poseur who talks like he’s just read Public Relations Bluff For Dummies. I bet Beckhams soulless “Tell-em what they want to hear” pre-prepared 19 Management PR cliche script must be right riveting to hear after a life or death shift that rescued a few drowning sailors!

  4. Pilks says:

    Will someone please tell David Beckham that his is no longer a footballer and is not culturally relevant anymore?

  5. kateskunt says:

    So what did Becks get his OBE for anyway? It’s not like he won a World Cup or something.

  6. George says:

    ‘Our future king…is a well educated and highly skilled life saving helicopter pilot’

    Do you honestly believe that Mr. Saxe-Coburg has done a day’s work in his life, let alone the kind of derring-do which can be described as a ‘life or death shift’? This helicopter flying malarkey is a vanity appointment, just like every single ‘military career’ in the history of the royal family. Kicking a football around for 90 minutes a week takes a damn sight more effort than ‘sitting on one’s arse’ (as I believe is the monarch’s official job description).

  7. Tinez says:

    beckhams far more respectable. he wasn’t born with riches. he has earned them. william seems like a nice bloke, but his millions are tax payer gifted.

  8. Seán says:

    @George…you’re my hero

  9. Kevin Barry says:

    nice one George

  10. Ping Yang says:

    Who gives a shit?

  11. Ping Yang says:

    I am not British so did not really know what this article was about with this OBE nonsense. But after reading this article, I don’t understand why this matters? Left or right? who gives a shit? Hardly “ruined” the wedding.

  12. Someone says:

    Beckham doesn’t even play for a full 90 minutes anymore. He is always injured and quite frankly he is old.

  13. Dave says:

    Orf with his head.

  14. C says:

    Once a manc…

    I guess the wedding is today?

  15. Soccer Professional says:

    This guy brings real class to the soccer world. Always has.

    And we can see his true quality when he’s playing for a top MLS side like the Galaxy. He is really a great creator and soccer genius.

    Shame about the lapel though. An honest mistake.

  16. Tinez says:

    @Ping Yang

    Are you going for a second layer of irony to add to the one already presented in this article, or do you actually think the author is being serious about the statement ‘ruins royal wedding’?

  17. Ping Yang says:

    UHHHH……No shit, of course the author was exaggerating. However, I feel it is stupid to post such an article. And to add to that, the annoying joke that Beckham fucked up the wedding isn’t funny so there is no need to repeat it.

  18. Sex God says:



    fuckin owned by Ping Yang lol you bitch

    nice work Ping ;)

  19. hgo says:

    fuck queen and all fuckin lazy cunts royals. fuck them, english are idiots

  20. CJ says:

    His real fauz pas was wearing it at all. Invitations specifically stated civilians were NOT to wear any medals or awards, including his OBE. He was the only one who thought he was above that instruction. Everyone else, including those who got them for real achievements, bothered to follow the instruction. He and his ridiculous wife are asshats.

  21. Ping Yang says:

    @ Sex God

    Thanks man.

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