Snapshot: Man City Fan Gets Huge (And Premature) FA Cup Winners Tattoo

By Chris Wright

“I want Prince dressed as a Camelot knight on the left, Jesus on the right and a huge FA Cup with City ribbons in between – preferably with a ‘winners 2011’ banner underneath that could render the whole thing completely void by Saturday evening please…”

Anyone else backing Stoke all of a sudden?

(Photo: MEN)

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Man City Fan Gets Tattoo Predicting 2011 Champions League Win

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  1. james says:

    they have the most money to spend of any team on earth but yet play the most unattractive football in the whole premier league. you guys are wasting the ability of silva so much. he should have gone to united or madrid where he would have been used much better.

  2. Pkhakheria says:

    @james, Silva is doing just fine where he is , and unattractive football got us where we are this season. as for the tattoo. I am a bit embarrassed, even though I personally made a bet to get “superbia in proelia” tattooed on me when we win a trophy. I think this was a bit over the top, as well as thinking way ahead. my point is, the article is about the tattoo, not about city as a club homeboy

  3. Nalgador Sobo says:

    “Jesus on the right”? I thought that was Sheikh Khalifa of Abu Dhabi…

  4. gene wilder says:

    You identified Prince correctly, but that’s meant to be a young Barry Gibb on the right.

    (At least, that’s who I worship to on the Sabbath…)

  5. Connor says:

    last time i checked a 1-0 victory got you as many points as a 4-3 one

  6. Chris says:

    @Gene: How right you are Sir, how right you are!

  7. Delap's towel says:

    Ha ha, what a prick. Now I’m pretty sure Stoke will win :))

  8. gamblino says:

    Barry Gibb is his father, and that’s his mum on the left.

  9. Sheasy says:

    i wanted them to lose before but this jsut puts the icing on the cake

  10. Ed says:

    Typical city. Always jumping the gun. Small minded club.

  11. gormee says:

    hahaha.. wat a loser.. this pretty much confirms city’s loss in the fa cup final as those idiots who have premature tattoos about their small time club achieving something have had it backfire..

    the moron with the kaka tattoo and the fool with the CL winners 2011 have yet more company.. another sign of a desperate small timer trying vainly to get attention to prove to others that they support a big club.. news flash citizens money does not make a club big.. lipstick on a pig and all that..

    love the entertainment though keep it up please!

  12. Jimbo says:

    what a d!ck

  13. Ryan says:

    Wow. Terrible tattoo, artistically and thematically. What’s with the blak panther logo upper right ? The thing isn’t even centered.

  14. tomas says:

    oh look there is monkey picture on his left shoulder too:)))

  15. Eckpfosten says:

    Reminds me of the german BVB Dortmund fan, who got the face of manager Klopp and the german bundesliga trophy inked on his back, weeks before Dortmund won that thing this season.

  16. ceezer says:

    not bad for a prison tattoo though.

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  18. CrazyFooty says:

    The man city fans never learn

  19. TravisKOP says:

    ive been gunning for stoke to win since the beginning, seeing the potters trash on city would be a classic

  20. Montesquieu says:

    This will be a hilarious mistake to tell your children. Mind you, one might not be allowed to reproduce if they are so quick to do such a stupid thing.

  21. the tank says:

    all you manure fans…
    suck on it!!!
    Man City…the team to knock manure off their fucking perch!!!
    Go Man City!! :-)

  22. Bluck says:

    Fucking disgusting. Who in their right mind would get this. These clowns are the most unfashionable supporters and they are gonna buy success now. Absolute wankers. There’s gonna be a few more of these beauties cropping up on peoples skin.

    Classy people

  23. Rebeccamancityfan says:

    look, u shit heads, manchester city won the fa cup final…. ha HA that shut u up!!! look, its not all about united, united, united….its about manchester city! The scums of united put that banner up about city not winning a cup, well may it rot in hell!! And, did u notice fergi chewing, chewing and chewing in the final with barcelona!?? lol, he was chewing on his luck!! phahah!! :D

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