New Barcelona 2011/12 Shirt Leaked – Slick Design Ruined By Amateurish Sponsor

By Chris Wright

Well, well. What do we have here? Our sources seem to reckon that this is the new Barcelona shirt that L’il Leo Messi and co. will be sporting as of next season…

Photo: Medio Tiempo.

Pies’ verdict: Awesome shirt, fudged by an really awkward-looking sponsor – it’s looks like it’s been done on Microsoft Word ’95 for Christ’s sake. In fact, it’s so bad that at first look it seems photoshopped on, though we’re assured that it’s the Real McCoy.

What say you?

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  1. gamblino says:

    That logo is definitely not part of the shirt in this photo so might look marginally better eventually.

  2. Montesquieu says:

    Not just amateurs, but bankers of terrorism.

  3. Bittu Daimary says:

    Design is not so attractive than what is currently now.

  4. wtf says:

    Montesquieu: Racist, ignorant and quite disgusting.

  5. Hill Yid says:

    Bring UNICEF back!

  6. e says:

    it IS photoshopped, wait until you see it on a player …

  7. It would definitely look better if it was written in Arabic…

  8. dave says:

    why are terrorists sponsoring barcelona, im vomiting. the shirt without bin ladens scrawl on it is quite nice though.

  9. georgio says:

    wow when did nike stop consulting a fashion designer and start making up shit on their own. adidas have smashed nike into the ground in terms of kits next season. except chelseas lol.

  10. Tank says:

    @Hill yid: Unicef is supposedly going to be on the back of the shirt on the bottom… tail of the shirt? not sure what to call it.

  11. chimpo says:

    if you look at the tail of the ‘F’ of foundation– it doesnt curl around the trunk of the body as it should do

    methinks its been ‘shopped and not very well

  12. hgo says:

    its terrible. on e more club after man city who sell themself to this arab shit, that a shame

  13. Eckpfosten says:

    wait…where is that UNICEF habbit?

  14. wolfusa says:

    how about, bring the clean jersey back!? you know, all of ten years ago, when barca played without a sponsor on the shirt? either way, the stripes on this kit look absolutely atrocious! what’s with the cut off at the sleeve? it looks sloppy, just stick with stripes of equal width, equal spacing, something like milan’s next kit, or, BRING BACK THE HALF & HALF! a half & half with no sponsor would be my dream kit.

  15. theirishembassy says:

    i’m really finding it hard to take this site seriously when i see these knock-offs making the recent posts. it’s photoshopped, and i’ll tell you why it’s photoshopped:

    1. the sponsor is straight facing. if the shirt is turned a quarter, why does the sponsor face forward?

    2. the sponsor is the same colour all around. if lights reflecting off of it, it shouldn’t be a single solid colour, but a collection of shades.

    even if the kit itself (sans sponsor, sans everything) is a genuine article, the kit itself is an absolute fake at first look. smack your source upside the head.

  16. Paul Kirkland says:

    And look on the stripe on the right. Gets suddenly thinner by the shoulder. I have my doubts its fake I’d be wary trusting that source

  17. Aber says:

    @wtf. racist? not at all, since when is Islam a race? ignorant? not at all. Just remember the madrid bombings a few years ago. it was done by muslims…its not an ignorant statement at all. anything from the middle east is suspect until the terrorism stops..

  18. jamie says:


    well done.

  19. Bruno says:

    This is REALLY SHIT

  20. Luca says:

    Did they just use the same font that Disney used on Aladdin movie cover or is it just me?

  21. islam is against terrorism says:

    @Aber, who said that a bunch of misleaded people can represent all the muslims?! In Islam we fight terrorism and the one who does terrorism is considered out of Islam if he knew what he is doing is forbidden. And besides maybe those terrorists that bombed madrid are not muslims and risked Islam’s reputation in the process to hide themselves

  22. briank212 says:

    It’s obviously ‘shopped, and simply it’s the sponsor that gives it away, with the angle the shirt is photographed from, the sponser should be facing out and away to the left as you look at it, with the “f” following the curvature of the shirt, and not straight at our line of sight. Facing head on the “r” in Qatar would be nowhere near the Barca emblem. It’s a certainty that Nike and or Barcelona wouldn’t have such an ugly fonted text slap bang on the middle of their shirt like that.

  23. wtf says:

    @Aber. Your statement itself is ignorant. Where did u bring islam into this? and the Madrid bombings were done by extremist muslims. there are almost 2 billion muslims worldwide. Anyways there is no point arguing with someone who thinks the way u do. Its racism when you suspect the whole middle east. Do your research, check the numbers. You are a disgrace to humanity.

  24. Luca says:

    Why do people have these super egos when they get online and rage about everything?

  25. Simone says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Håkon Kjæve!

  27. dk says:

    i wanted to laugh at these clowns when they say this is photoshopped and fake. YAYAYA what ever shit in this life is fake to you clowns

  28. madrid says:

    al-qaeda = fc barca

  29. Easy says:

    Can’t wait till all there oil runs out then they will be the nothing country they are camel walking mugs

  30. Daniel Agbassa says:

    WHAT YOU DEY TALK WE SORCE YOU PEPOLE Barcelona 3-1Manchester United L HAVE SEE IT ALL OF YOU .,frist goal Andrés Iniesta Luján get one goal and second goal be Lionel Messi and the three person l no go talk in name man…you see some thing l day Manchester United run away man …

  31. fcb10 says:

    @daniel agbassa I’m sorry to insult you and your extensive knowledge of English, but Pedro scored first, then Rooney, then Messi and David Villa. I say good day to you sir

  32. njg says:

    Think this is a good thing on many levels.

    With Barca now being the undisputedly the best in world football, and possibly claiming the moral and romantic high ground in the way they have done so, they are basically the new kings of western sporting culture. Thus this tie up with a very large and progressive Islamic pseudo-charity is a positive step together for cultures of East and West(ignore what the Daily Mail says, and some knuckle draggers who have posted on here. It’s almost always pushing a bigoted, xenophobic, twisted agenda by small men bitter at the loss of Empire).

    On another level, hope this deal will assist Barcelona in not falling behind the super rich (riches gained through exploitation of non european markets, by the way) and help what seems a lone project in keeping alive the romance and glory of the game.

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