These ‘Sockey’ (Soccer/Ice Hockey) Kits Need To Exist…

Chris Wright

12th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Granted, we know next to nothing about the NHL/Ice Hockey, in fact, we haven’t watched any since Charlie Conway was earmarked as the next big thing back in the early ’90s – but, nevertheless, these ‘ere ‘Sockey’ kits get our seal of approval.

Some dilligent (presumably otherwise unemployed) soul has been busy, beavering away at producing these fantasy Sockey strips – i.e, all the vast, sail-like NHL hockey strips reimagined as lovely, sleek football shirts…

These need to exist – put Pies down for a Maples Leafs home, a Boston Bruins away and a Mighty Ducks home for Coach Bombay’s sake.

Thanks to Pies fan Clara for the nudge.

Photos: Reddit