Retro Football: ‘Bull Boys Shoes Are What You Need…’ (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

If you immediately responded ‘GET THE POWER, ON YOUR FEET!’ at the top of your voice after reading that headline then you, like me, were at school in the early-ish 1990’s – a glorious period in which Bull Boys (never heard of before or since) enlisted one Alan Hansen to flog their godawful football trainers…

Good grief. I remember them being crap – but they look like orthopedics for Christ’s sake, and you’d probably be better off with 3-ply toilet roll down the front of your socks than those outrageously flimsy shinnies.

As far as I recall, Bull Boys later drafted in Gareth Southgate to help flog their wares – a marketing ploy which, for some reason, seemed to fall apart around about Euro ’96 time.