Celebrate the 50th Birthday of You Are The Ref


20th, November 2006

YouaretherefGuardian Books have released a book for the 50th birthday of the brilliant ‘You Are The Ref‘. For those not in on the joy of working out various refereeing problems, YATR is a cracking little cartoon strip that asks you how you’d solve a myriad of odd problems that can crop up during a game.

Some, you’ll remember for life. Like the one where, if the ball stays in play by bouncing off the linesman’s flag, play continues as it counts as part of the match equipment. Although, in twenty years of watching football, I have seen that happen a glorious zero times. Gary Lineker said of YATR "Why was I never booked as a player? Maybe it was all those afternoons
reading You Are The Ref as a boy … a fantastic strip by a brilliant
artist. This book is a fitting tribute to 50 years of a real football
classic." Guardian
Books is offering you the chance to win signed original artwork from the
if you buy a copy of the full colour, hardback book,
discounted to £10.99. [Mof Gimmers]

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