Fabio Cannavaro Fanatico figurine

Ollie Irish

29th, November 2006


Cannavaro_2Why not celebrate Fabio Cannavaro winning the Ballon d’Or (I could have sworn it used to be called European Footballer of the Year!) with this Fanatico football figurine? This range is new to me, but as you can see they are similar to Corinthian figures but bigger and with their heads in proportion. You also get some grass and – in some cases – a ball thrown in for your money.

Fabio will set you back £13.99 – a fraction of what Real Madrid paid for him. Click here to buy him. If you’re inclined to agree with Arsene Wenger that Thierry Henry should have won the award, click here to pre-order him instead.

[Rob Parker]

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  1. pierre says:

    I am not entirely sure about the decision possible that Thierry should have won no?

  2. Rob P says:

    I’m not sure this has been Henry’s finest year, Pierre. I think it would have been more like a Lifetime Achievement award if it had gone to him! He has looked dejected and out of sorts at times, but then again he has been carrying a team by himself. At times in the year has been his outstanding best, but I think I’d still go for Cannavaro.