Snapshot: Real Madrid Edge Nearer To Title After Nou Camp Victory

Alan Duffy

21st, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Real Madrid are almost within touching distance of the La Liga title after beating Barcelona at the Nou Camp. Cristiano Ronaldo got the winner in a 2-1 win.

However, are we witnessing the start of a power shift in Spanish football, away from Catalonia and back to the capital. Or will Barca regroup and come back stronger next year?

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  1. Anabelle says:

    Did Messi play? I didn’t notice it.

  2. Mark says:

    @Ana because he didn’t score? By that logic Ronaldo was 1 Ozil pass away from not having featured also.

  3. jjautonomous says:

    Where was Andy Carroll???

  4. asdf says:

    at the pool

  5. p says:

    more evidence messi is overrated as hell

  6. K says:

    @Mark atleast you could tell Ronaldo was there with his defending and attempts. The only time you could even notice Messi on the pitch was his one shot.

  7. joe.satriani says:

    lol hopefuly they will just decide to fuck off and stop playing football. also it will be interesting to see how many barcelona fanboys will start claiming they’ve supported real since they were kids…well maybe not from this game, but its coming soon lol

  8. Tendon not is says:

    Even though id love it i think its a bit premature to be writing barcas obituaries. Mourinho has been massive for Real and we all know he’ll be leaving real soon. Interesting to see how real cope after. Barca have got great youth prospects coming through so they will always be a class team. im just glad the battle has evened out recently.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love how if you don’t win a fourth consecutive league title these days its the end of everything. Barca are going nowhere.

  10. MrMac says:

    Shift only if Mourinho stays…

    I still say it’s too early to see if he’s gabbing out Tendon, but we’l see soon :P

  11. Roc says:

    @Mark Ronaldo showed in the most important Classico this season and scored the winning goal. Gotta give the man his credit.

  12. az says:

    Messi gave wonderful passes that Xavi and Tello f—- up…

    Mark’s absolutely right. (comment #2)

  13. Mark says:

    @Roc of course both are wonderful players. I just don’t like to chastise one or the other because they weren’t the ‘hero’ on the day.

  14. werderbremen_rulez says:

    puyol was crap. Even his mopey hair was unable to draw away the attention from his obvious lack of speed and agility.

    Him and Xavi, the man with the most amazing caterpillar eyebrows in the universe, are simply getting oOoooooaaaaaald.

  15. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Every dynasty ends someday.

    But then, Barca have some fabulous talent coming through their ranks and you can’t discount that even if Real win this and next season, Barca won’t come back stronger and more dominant than before because, let’s face it, they have everything going for them, from their production line to their worldwide appeal to their patented playing style right down to the Catalan identity.

    Mes que un club indeed.

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