Football Agent Posts LinkedIn Advert Looking For Players ‘Like Xavi Or Kroos’ To Play In Spanish 3rd Tier…

Alan Duffy

8th, January 2015


By Alan Duffy

A certain Richie O’Dare, operations manager at football agency Yamvi Sports, which is based in both the UK and Ghana, is apparently on the lookout for two playmakers from the EU to play in the Spanish Third Division.

But not any old playmakers, you see, but ones “like Xavi or Kroos”…

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Someone should put him in touch with Demy de Zeeuw, pronto!

O’Dare says the club are currently second in the Segunda Division B, which means the team in question is probably CD Guijuelo.

All a bit odd, eh? And not sure he’ll get a Xavi or Toni Kroos for €1,300 a month either. Aiming a bit high, I’d say.

Presumably this isn’t a hoax. But if it turns out to be fake, be safe in the knowledge that I shall eat an Alan Partridge-sized plate of humble pie.

(Via: @TMFootyFinance)

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  1. El Jamonero says:

    Segunda B has 4 groups, each of which has a second-place club. Why assume it’s Guijuelo rather than the other three second-place clubs?

  2. Daniel Peters says:

    He simply needs player that can play like Xavi or Kroos and they could be young and i do not see anything bad in this. Even top football league in Europe offer such salary in Slovenia, Slovakia, Belgium, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland and many more. If a club in Spain lower division is offering such, I do not think this is a fake advert. For the fact that he is not asking the players to pay service charge like many agents does nowadays, he is not asking them to send cash for invitation letter and most importantly, he needs player that can easily get to the club, where there wont be any problem by requesting for EU passport older, then I believe the deal is real. If its fake, he could have thrown it open to everyone in the world and not only EU players.

  3. Tony says:

    I love football

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