Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Almighty Face Set To Feature On His Very Own Swedish Postage Stamp

Chris Wright

11th, November 2013


By Chris Wright

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…that’s if it’s possible to immortalise the immortal anyway?

Anyway, have you ever just wanted to lick Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s face till the skin comes off?

Yeah, us too – and soon everybody will be able to gently lick Ibra’s mighty head in unison after the Swedish postal service announced today that they are soon to issue a new postage stamp adorned with the face of humanity’s glorious overlord.

Why it’s taken them 32 years is anybody’s guess, but Posten have confirmed that they are too introduce a stamp featuring the face of Zlatan on March 27th.

Zlatan was apparently involved in the design stage of the project and told his personal ‘Zlatan Unplugged’ app:

“It’s a great honour to be on a postage stamp and I’m very happy and proud to have been chosen. I get a lot of bills and there are rarely great stamps. Maybe that will change now!”

Calloo-callay, what a joyous day! Now, the design is being kept under wraps until release day, but we’ve been able to knock up a quick facsimile just to give you a taste…


What do you reckon?