Premier League Conveniently See 2011/12 Voted As Greatest Ever Season

By Chris Wright

2011/12: The Year of the Cat

Nothing like a bit of timely self-aggrandisation, eh? As part of their celebratory ’20 Seasons’ awards push, The Premier League have conveniently seen the 2011/12 season (i.e, the current campaign about to come to it’s climax at the weekend) voted as the top flight’s greatest ever season – despite it not even featuring on the original shortlist.

Yes, yes. I know. Forest’s gargantuan efforts and unprecedented third-place finish back in 1994/95 (after being promoted from Division One the season before) has been cruelly overlooked. For shame, for shame.

Anyway, the original shortlist consisted of but six seasons; 1994/95 (Champions: Blackburn), 1995/96 (Man Utd), 1997/98 (Arsenal), 1998/99 (Man Utd), 2004/05 (Chelsea) and 2007/08 (Man Utd) – but 2011/12 was tagged on several days after the polls were opened and still managed to fend off the competition thanks to its ‘mix of wonderfully memorable matches, unbelievable drama and continuing excitement at both ends of the table.’

Ain’t it funny how things work out sometimes? Sure 2011/12 has been a decent old ding-dong, but the best to date? We ain’t so sure.

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  1. iccecream says:

    Drama yes, Talent? no way!

  2. Anonymous says:

    a handful of goals that could win “Goal of the Season” in a lot of other seasons
    May break the record for most goals
    Ridiculous scorelines
    Norwich and Swansea

    Standard of play generally
    Everyone being varying degrees of crap, rather than good
    Only van Persie is in the realms of being considered World Class
    The Tevez saga
    The Suarez/Terry sagas
    Ridiculous scorelines
    Aston Villa, Liverpool and QPR

  3. Lucid says:

    Worst referees’ performance in any season so far – Check!

  4. Scott says:

    Probably more the fact it’s still in recent memory.

  5. DJ says:

    The Manchester clubs are about 20 points above the third place team. Looks like a glorified SPL this season. One city dominating while the rest fight for the scraps.

  6. Cosa says:

    After wayne rooney won the goal of premier league history with a shinner, is this surprising?

  7. daS says:

    im sure if man u ends up winning they will rescind this decision

  8. leo says:

    but DJ that’s what english people say about La Liga! shhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Alex says:

    I agree with the above comments in terms of the refereeing and racism. Also, the ‘drama’ has been really half arsed. I find it difficult to relate to the manchester city team, no matter how dramatic their title win will be, they’ve kind of bought the league. And Manchester have been fairly bland and lacking in creativity, so I don’t much care that they’ve given the title away.

    And as for my own team, Newcastle, their return to the top 6 of the premier league has seen them play some of the most boring football I’ve ever endured, Phillip Albert would be ashamed.

    Wigan Athletic have been the best story of the league for me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The 1997 to 2002 era consisted of the greatest EPL seasons in terms of footballing quality, for me.

  11. Dick van Kundt says:

    one of the most open seasons in recent memory, with out the same old top four winning over and over again. you wouldnt have guessed this top 4 or 6 or 8 in a month of sundays. fans of all teams have benifitted from the parity this season. any team can win and any team can be beaten. even your mancs.
    as for the cons… there’s been plenty. see the above comments.

  12. Luke says:


    Manager of the year, player in the Premier League XI, beautiful one touch moves, one of the most tricky players in the Prem in Ben Arfa, two lethal strikers, beautiful goals (and arguably a goal of the season), solid defensive record, great results against bogey teams, qualified for Europe and flying high once more!

    Are you a mackem in disguise? The Toon have been fantastic this year – they’re up there as one of the most entertaining teams in the league. Just no pleasing some people.

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