Your Call: Predict Roy Hodgson’s 23-Man England EURO 2012 Squad

By Chris Wright

Roy Hodgson in ‘Mission: Unenviable’

This may stagger you, but England aren’t actually favourites to win the European Championships this summer. Don’t believe us? Check the Euro 2012 odds here. See? Somehow, however, they are fourth in line (as far as the bookies are concerned) to emerge victorious in Polkraine, which seems a little rich to us but hey-ho.

Anyway, the word on the cul-de-sac is that Roy Hodgson is going to be announcing his 23-man squad for EURO 2012 on Wednesday morning, and we though it an appropriate juncture to have a go at second guessing the man at the helm of the good ship ‘Catastrophe In Waiting’.

Pies have already outlined our advised manifesto for the tournament, but here’s our stab at second guessing Roy’s 23 – with a wee smidge of reasoning thrown in for good measure…

Goalkeepers: Joe Hart, Ben Foster/Rob Green, John Ruddy.

Pies says: Joe Hart’s in and playing every game – this is certain, no debate necessary. He’s the best England have. As backup, we expect Hodgson to err on the side of familiarity in picking Foster if he’ll play ball (it’ll Rob Green if not), including Ruddy as his sole ‘shock’ call-up. Yep.

Defenders: Rio Ferdinand, Gary Cahill, Joleon Lescott, Phil Jones, Ashley Cole, Leighton Baines, Glen Johnson, Kyle Walker.

Pies says: It seems that Ferdinand can’t or won’t play with John Terry what with him being a pending alleged racist and all – and, as it would appear that the presence of one of the two is required, it’ll have to be the latter that misses the cut (we’re sure the nation will shed a collective tear) as the former is slightly more mobile and slightly less prone to having his panties pulled down by opponent’s with turning circles less than that of a P&O ferry – though his back is liable to conk out at any given moment. A glut of right/centre-back choices sees Micah Richards miss out once again.

Midfielders: Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry, Michael Carrick, James Milner, Ashley Young, Theo Walcott, Stewart Downing.

Pies says: With Scott Parker looking likely to be crock-a-dillioed, Carrick and Barry represent the ‘dull choices’ in the middle – though it might be worth bearing in mind that both have been almost ever-present in the two midfields that have just won and lost the Premier League title on goal difference.

Milner’s utilitarian willingness to put in the hard yards while remaining largely unspectacular (England’s Park Ji-Sung?) is almost certain to get him the nod. Gerrard and Lampard are still too good to shun, with the selections in the wider positions leaving plenty of leeway for howling, hindsight-caked ‘senselessly overlooked’ headlines for the likes of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Lennon, Adam Johnson et al.

Forwards: Wayne Rooney, Andy Carroll, Danny Welbeck, Jermain Defoe.

Pies says: Despite being ineligible for the group stages, Rooney’s in because…well, because he’s England’s only hope. If spending three weeks on a treadmill is enough to deem Darren Bent tournament-fit then, heavens to Betsy, we’re all doomed. Defoe will go in his stead.

Peter Crouch arguably deserves a chance, but with space in the forward ranks at a premium, we expect the wispy Stoke man to (harshly) miss the cut rather than England biting the bullet and plumping for two ‘big men’.

While we’re on the subject, if tournament squad selection were a true meritocracy then he’d already be cemented in the 23, but, unfortunately for him, it’s not and therefore Grant Holt is more than likely going to have to settle for an offer of a spot at the Olympics.

Our squad again in full…

Hart, Foster, Ruddy; Ferdinand, Cahill, Lescott, Jones, Cole, Baines, Johnson, Walker; Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, Carrick, Milner, Young, Walcott, Downing; Rooney, Carroll, Welbeck, Defoe.

Fancy having a bash people? Then bash away…

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  1. Israel says:

    pie- your captain?

    mine is Gerrard

  2. Rodrigo says:

    Joe Hart, Ben Foster, John Ruddy.

    Rio Ferdinand, Gary Cahill, Joleon Lescott, Phil Jones, Ashley Cole, Leighton Baines, Glen Johnson, Kyle Walker.

    Leon Britton, Frank Lampard, Danny Murphy, Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes, Ashley Young, Theo Walcott, Scott Sinclair.

    Wayne Rooney, Grant Holt, Gary Hooper, Danny Graham.

    Not going to happen but, bleh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    keepers :hart foster rudy
    Defence: richards, cahill, terry, walker, cole, Lescott, glen johnson and ferdinand
    Midfield, Young, johnson, walcott, lampard, gerrard, scholes, milner, lennon
    strike: rooney, sturidge, welbeck, caroll

  4. Wayne Bridge says:

    Rio Ferdinand is considerably less mobile than John Terry, and despite a recent embarrassing performance against Liverpool, Terry is the better player.

  5. Timbo says:

    Comment two is ludicrous.

    Foster has ruled himself out again so he won’t be going. Assuming Hodgson can’t tempt Robinson out of retirement I’d go with Green and Ruddy as back up.

    No Lescott, no Terry, Ferdinand yes, with Cahill. Walker and Richards right backs, Cole and Baines obviously left backs. Jagielka back up.

    Barry will have to go if Parker’s injured, but otherwise I’d leave him behind. He’s useless. Carrick definitely, he’s been inspirational for Utd this season.

    Lampard, A Johnson, A Young, Barry, Carrick, Cleverly – I think he could be the spark if things are going badly – Walcott and Gerrard.

    Rooney, Sturridge, Defoe, Crouch.

    Leaves one free space for a random selection. Oxlade-Chamberlain for me. We need to give these fearless youngsters the opportunity to deliver before the expectation crushes them (see Walcott, but I’d take him anyway).

  6. Luke says:

    Hart, Carson, Green

    Walker, Richards, Ferdinand, Cahill, Terry, Lescott, A.Cole, Baines

    Walcott, Milner, Lampard, Barry, Parker, Gerrard, A.Young, A.Johnson

    Sturridge, Welbeck, Crouch, Rooney

    I find it interesting how on all of these predictions I always find Foster, Defoe, DOWNING!!!! etc etc. Lets make something clear. Foster is in international exile and until he comes forward and makes himself available to England it is stupid be carry on speculating whether he (or Robinson) for that matter will come out of international retirement for the Euro’s. Even if they did, they can stick it. You don’t turn your back on your country. Defoe has barley had a look in at Spurs this season so HOW ON EARTH can he be in contention of making the plane ahead of Daniel Sturridge? DOWNING!!?? DOWNING!!!? Downing has been awful all season. Jesus Christ! Open your eyes. I’d love to see Oxlade-Chamberlain at the Euro’s but fortunately for once England has an illustrious catalogue of wingers who are in contention and I feel that the likes of the 4 I named in my predicted squad will be selected over him. However, if an injury occurs (Maybe if Walcott can’t get back to full fitness in time) then definitely have Chamberlain and Lennon on standby. The goalkeeping situation is a strange one. For the first time since David Seaman we have a genuine world class goal keeper for England. However, for the first time since……well forever…we are left scratching our heads when comes to back up goalkeepers. Really, John Ruddy should be the second in line. Considering he is the only English goalkeeper competing in the Premier League who plays week-in and week-out. However, Capello seemed to be in favour of making Scott Carson his number 2 goalkeeper (demonstrated by the fact that he brought him on at half time to replace Joe Hart in the friendly against Sweden in November of last year.) And Rob Green as his third choice. I can’t really see Roy Hodgson changing that.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Aye Foster has said he wants nothing to do with it all.

    To be fair itl be what Pies said (Some real weird selections in previous posts).

    Roy tends to eb old fashioned so I would say he would head for a standard 4-4-2, much to the disapointment (Again) of the whole nation, every other team is play cutting edge free flowing stuff and we are stuck in the 70s blah blah blah.

    Would like to see Carrick and Defoe taken out of the fold though, both have had loads of chances over the years, both are so so boring players (Of course Barry is also). Bring in Sturridge and anyone else.

  8. Joey says:

    Hart, Ruddy
    Walker, Richards, Terry, Cahill, Lescott, Jagielka, Cole, Baines
    Gerrard, Parker, Milner, Barry, Scholes,
    Walcott, A Johnson, Ox Chamberlain, Young
    Rooney, Sturridge, Holt, Defoe

    Unsure on Strikers and midfield, I’m still up in the air about Hooper, Carroll, Crouch, Bent, Joe Cole, Carrick, Lampard and um … joey barton (<<lmao)
    Keepers, defence and wingers should be nailed on! Although Matt Jarvis has looked pretty good lately

  9. timbo says:

    Luke – I only count 3 wingers in your team (you can’t be counting Milner as one, surely?) and Parker is likely to miss the Euros with injury.

    You may wonder about Defoe but he’s scored 9 goals in 19 starts in the Premier League (14 in 29 starts all season) and our other options simply don’t offer the poaching ability he has, which he exhibited yesterday. Sturridge is too tricky and plays wider, Rooney plays deeper, and Welbeck is wasteful with chances. Defoe and Rooney I think complement each other’s games well, better than Crouch + anyone, for example.

    Carrick remains a better passer of the ball in the opposition half than Lampard and Gerrard and has had his best season in a Utd shirt, so he should be in the 23, definitely.

  10. Terry Shedingham says:

    Like others have said, I’m pretty shocked at the inclusion of Downing over the likes of much more worthy players like Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    I’d also risk the wrath of the media and leave Rooney out. He’s obviously going to flop again.

  11. jock says:

    England should play downing. Scotland need a laugh this summer considering we aren’t are the Euros and the Olympricks gave us pish fixtures and are shocked that only 10% of tickets are sold.

    Have fun England, play some entertaining football for once and we as a nation will back you to the QF then you can get fucked up by Germany, Spain, etc. We will be back here pleading with Psycho to pick someone from north of the border.

  12. Superhamps says:

    Personally just want to see a footballing England side with some exciting young players actually playing. Here goes, will probably get carried away FM style.

    Hart 5/5, Foster 3/5, Ruddy 2.5/5

    Cole 4.5/5, Baines 4/5, Walker 5/5, Richards 4.5/5, Cahill 3.5/5, Jones 3.5/5, Ferdinand 3/5, Jagielka 3/5

    Carrick 3.5/5, Scholes 4.5/5, Gerrard 3.5/5, Lampard 3/5, Oxlade 3.5/4, Young 3.5/5, Walcott 3/5

    Rooney 4/5, Welbeck 3.5/5, Carroll 3/5, Sturridge 3.5/5, Defoe 3.5/5

    Starting XI: 4,3,3
    Carrick (DM)
    Gerrard (FREE-ISH ROLE)

  13. AT says:

    Joe Hart,Who cares and Who cares.

    Walker,Richards(could play CB if situation arises)
    Lescott, Cahill, Jones, JT.
    Cole, Baines

    Milner,Adam Johnson, The Ox….urgh Barry( or Scholes if he wants to play)

    Andy Carroll,Rooney,Sturridge,Welbeck/Bent if he is fit.

    I’d rather we played younger players and lost instead of people that have been there and had a chance and let us down before, and I know I have left out Lampard.

  14. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    (assuming reports that Parker and ferdinand aren’t fit)

    Hart, Foster/Ruddy, Green


    Walcott,Young,Ox,A Johnson,Lampard,Barry,Carrick,Milner


  15. stevepafc says:

    Hart, Green, Ruddy

    Walker, Richards, Terry, Cahill, Lescott, Jones, Cole, Baines

    Gerrard, Carrick, Barry, Parker(if not fit then beg Scholes), Milner, Walcott, Young, Oxlade Chamberlain,

    Rooney, Carroll, Sturridge, Defoe

  16. farmanian96 says:

    NO TERRY!?!?!? no getting past the group stage >:(

  17. farmanian96 says:

    taking downing!?!? thats like a 22 man squad not 23….suggest ROY takes sturridge instead

  18. Inno says:

    I’d love to see Hooper given at least a nod to a friendly, or the Olympics squad. The man’s improved so much this year, scored 50 in 88 games, including games in Europe, so that negates the whole pointless “oh but the SPL is garbage” argument. If Jay Bothroyd has an England cap, Hoops deserves at least a look.

    Having said that, if he didn’t get it in the close season and stayed fir for our Champions League qualifier… I’d be happy too!

  19. Waffles says:

    are you all kidding me?? Defoe, Downing and Carrol??? They were all terrible this year, only a lousy coach would take these three. Hey anyone could shine at any given moment and one of them could prove me wrong, but they hardly deserve to be on the squad given their form. I bet he will take Carroll 100%, even though Crouch is a lot more talented and better than him. If he picks Defoe and Downing, he either doesn’t have any football knowledge or testicles.

  20. rij says:

    no way should richards miss out, johnson is shocking

  21. unclewoy says:

    my stawting line 11 would be

    wichards, tewwy, wio, widgewell
    oxlade-chambewin, bawwy, gewward, wodwell
    wooney and cawwol up front

    -gawwy nevile part of the coaching staff? i said centre back! bowwocks!

  22. Dave says:

    Assuming that Parker is unfit and Terry and Ferdinand can both be picked and Scholes doesn’t want to go or isn’t asked:

    Hart, Green, Ruddy
    Walker, Richards, Terry, Ferdinand, Cahill, Lescott, Cole, Baines
    Johnson, Walcott, Lampard, Gerrard, Carrick, Milner, Young, Chamberlain
    Rooney, Welbeck, Bent, Crouch

  23. jamjam says:

    GK: Hart,Rudy,Green

  24. Hutchy says:

    Dunno about the full squad but my xi would look like this:


    dm: Parker (if injured Carrick) and Lampard
    wingers: Walcott and Lennon
    am: Gerrard


    Obviously with rooney to return from suspension this would change. Gutted Wilshere, Rodwell and Smalling are injured because i would pick them

  25. mike says:

    hooper is better than Welbeck or Carroll, still won’t get a callup though

  26. Luke says:

    Timbo-I am counting Milner as a winger simply because he can and does often play there for England and Man City. I understand that particularly this season he has been utilised more in the centre of the park. However, with his versatility he is a valuable asset. He can play pretty much anywhere. Central Midfield, Wing, Attacking Midfield, hell I think he could even do a job in the wing back positions. I understand since joining Manchester City he has not looked anywhere near as good as he looked in an Aston Villa shirt. However, with a rather old looking midfield with the likes of Lampard, Gerrard, maybe Barry, maybe Parker, Milner could play a very important role if utilised in the middle. He has the young legs and gets in peoples faces. Does a lot of hard work off the ball and always puts in 100%. Capello took him as a winger in South Africa 2010. I’d take him as a winger but play him in the middle if needed (which would not be a problem with Daniel Sturridge in the squad as he has played on the wings for Chelsea most of this season.) Jermaine Defoe’s goals to game ration has been good. But lets not kid ourselves here. We need a big target man. That man for me would be Peter Crouch. We don’t exactly have an illustrious list of top class English strikers at the moment and I think it would be naive to overlook Peter Crouch’s goalscoring record for England in favour of 1 good season in the Premier League from the likes of Grant Holt and others (as much as I’d love to see Holt make the squad.) Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge have had brilliant seasons for their respective clubs. Granted, both have had their on/off spells (like all young players do) but they are exciting players, they play week-in and week-out for their clubs and their seasonal performances have without doubt earn’t places in the Euro squad. Wayne Rooney will go. You want to take a striker that hardly ever gets a game at club level because he is a poacher? In that case we might as well take Michael Owen. Simply put Sturridge and Welbeck have had much better seasons, played much more football and their experience in the U21 Euro’s will hold them in good stead for the the senior level. I agree about Carrick. He has had a much better season than Gareth Barry. But I my comment was kind of predicting who I believe Roy Hodgson will take to the Euro’s. Not necessarily my picks but who I believe will be picked. For some reason Gareth Barry is ALWAYS picked for England. God knows why. I don’t rate him at all but you just know that Hodgson will pick him. I hope he doesn’t but he most likely will.

  27. MisterTARG says:

    england’s “Messi” joe cole

  28. Bobbie says:


    Carson, Hart, Foster


    Konchesky, Micah Richards, Terry, Ridgewell, Ledley King

    Milner, Wilshere, Lennon, Cattermole, Lampard

    Carlton cole, Crouch, Rooney, Darren bent

    Filled in with english players from west brom who will start most games.

  29. Don Diego Salongo says:

    lennonm carrick lampard walcott
    baines, terry, jones, walker

  30. Sam says:

    Hart, Green, david james??
    ferdinand,jones, cahill, lescott, richards, walker(simpson if not fit….NOT JOHNSON!!), a. cole, baines

    parker(carrick if not fit), barry, lampard, gerrard, (milner or carrick or neither), scholes(hopefully or carrick??).

    young, walcott, oxlade chamberlain or lennon.

    rooney, defoe, carrol, sturridge or crouch.

  31. Sam says:

    Hart, Green, David James??

    ferdinand or terry really doesnt matter,jones, cahill, lescott, richards, walker(simpson if not fit….NOT JOHNSON!!), a. cole, baines.

    parker(barry if not fit), carrick, lampard, gerrard, scholes(hopefully), milner or barry (or neither if scholes go’s).

    young, walcott, oxlade chamberlain.

    rooney, defoe, carrol, sturridge.

    formation 4-2-3-1.

    first team for first game;

    GK Hart.
    FB Cole Walker.
    CB Lescott Cahill.
    CM/DM Parker and Scholes if either go if not Lampard and Carrick.
    AM Lampard or Gerrard depending on who plays holding mid.
    LW Young.
    RW Walcott
    CF Defoe

  32. Keeler OTBC says:

    GK: Hart, Ruddy, Smithies

    DR: Walker, Richards
    DC: Terry, Lescott, Jagielka, Jones
    DL: Baines, A.Cole

    MR: Lennon, Chamberlain/Walcott
    MC: Milner, Gerrard, Barry, Carrick
    ML: Johnson, Sinclair/Sturridge

    ST: Rooney, Holt(over Carroll any fockin day of the year) Defoe, Bent

  33. Callum says:

    Gk: Joe Hart, Ben Foster
    DR: Kyle Walker, Micah Richards
    DC: Ferdinand, Cahill, Lescott, Jones
    DR: Baines, A.cole

    MR:Chamberlain, Wallcott, Lennon, Young
    MC: Scholes, Parker, Lampard, Gerrard
    ML: Sinclair, sturridge, johnson

    ST: Rooney, Carroll, Hooper, Defoe

  34. BINNSEY says:

    Hart, CARSON, Ruddy

    Ferdinand, Cahill, Lescott, Jones, Cole, Baines, RICHARDS, Walker

    Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, Carrick/PARKER, A JOHNSON, Young, Walcott, OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN

    Rooney, Carroll, CROUCH, Defoe

    Walker, Ferdinand, Lescott, Cole
    Walcott, Barry, Lampard, Young
    Carroll, Defoe

  35. pray4muamba says:

    for woys starting 11 he’ll choose…

    wichards,tewwy,wio, widgewell
    oxwade-chambewin, tewwy, bawwy, gewward
    wooney, caowwal

  36. Anonymous says:

    Joe Hart
    Rob Green
    Ben Foster

    Ryan Bertrand
    Glen Johnson
    Chris Smalling
    Rio Ferdinand
    Phil Jones
    Phil Jagielka
    Stephen Warnock
    Leighton Baines

    Theo Walcott
    Aaron Lennon
    Steven Gerrard
    Scott Parker
    Frank Lampard
    Michael Carrick
    Leon Osman
    Scott Sinclair

    Wayne Rooney
    Peter Crouch
    Andy Carroll
    Daniel Sturridge

  37. Mr Sensible says:

    People suggesting Welbeck and Oxlade starting :/ Walker as well, not reliable at all. Also, people excluding Terry too!? What are you people on…

    A non delusional squad would be;

    Hart Foster Ruddy

    Johnson Richards Terry Cahill Lescott Jagielka Baines Cole

    Milner Barry Jones Lampard Gerrard(only if fully fit)

    Young Johnson

    Rooney Holt Crouch Sturridge/Defoe Walcott(only as a forward)

  38. allow it son says:

    Hart, Green, Foster

    Terry, Ferdinand, Lescott, Cahill
    Johnson, Walker
    Cole, Baines

    Lampard, Scholes, Gerrard, Parker
    Young, Johnson
    Lennon, Walcott

    Rooney, Bent, Sturridge, Carroll

  39. Gareth says:

    Hart*. Foster. Ruddy

    Walker*. Richards. Terry*. Lescott*. Cahill. Jones. Cole*. Baines

    Parker*. Barry. Lampard*. Milner*. Young*. Johnson. Lennon. Walcott

    Rooney. Sturridge*. Holt*. Defoe

    All * are starting line up in 4-3-3 formation.
    Sturridge starting as rw and obviously Rooney to come in for Holt after suspension.
    Was 50/50 between Walker and Richards but the latter hasn’t always been a first choice at City.

  40. dom says:

    GK-Hart, Ruddy, Carson
    RB-Richards, Walker
    CB-Terry, Cahill, Jones, Jagielka
    LB-Cole, Baines
    CM-Gerrard, Parker, Carrick, Henderson
    RM-Walcott, Sinclair
    LM-Young, Oxlade-Chamberlain
    ST-Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck, Holt

  41. Anonymous says:

    bagus juga tapi taktik nya kurang

  42. Anonymous says:






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