Top 20 Memorable World Cup Haircuts

Ollie Irish

3rd, March 2010

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By Ollie Irish

It’s a World Cup year, which means I feel obliged to rehash the classic World Cup haircuts list, only this time with 20 corkers, rather than the standard ten. Enjoy:


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Jose Perlaza of Ecuador, photographed at the 2006 World Cup. He's not a famous player but this should be a famous hairstyle, as it's indescribably bad.

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1 Comment

  1. Tom Jones says:

    Bobby Charlton – Truely hideous. Accept that you’re going bald man!
    Ferenc Puskas – Good hair.
    Jairzinho – Well cool afro man.
    Paul Breitner – Great player, equally great afro.
    Socrates – Minuspoints for not having a proper afro and it ain’t cool looking like Jesus either. And you’ve spilled on your shirt.
    Greame Souness – Looks like a hedgehog
    Claudio Caniggia – A hairstyle better suited for a rock guitarist.
    Rudi Völler – A curly mullet. One can understand why he is giving the evil eye. The tracksuit rocks though.
    Roberto Baggio – Would have been fun if an opponent grabbed his ponytail as he was running.
    Carlos Valderrama – Wonderful. He must have put a lot of work into that hair. And the result is stunning. Gold medal for ole Carlos.
    Christian Ziege – Strange. Makes him look well angry.
    Alexi Lalas – He’s a bloody ginger. Apart from that his hairstyle is kind of cool. He should try haircolour though.
    Rene Higuita – The man has class. His hair, his shirt, his tache. All very well done.
    Romania 1994 – Good statement if they hadn’t been knocked out in the 2nd round and just looked stupid.
    Clint Mathis – Last of the mohicans?
    Ümit Davala – It looks like he has enough hair to fill his whole head, so why put it all in the middle?
    Taribo West – Is that hair or is that plastic?
    Ronaldo – Looks awful. Maybe he was trying to divert attention from his rabbit teeth?
    David Beckham – Ok hair but footballers shall not have earrings.
    Jose Perlaza – Hey all your hair has fallen down on your neck!

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