Pies 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas, No.3 – Official Bayern Munich Barbecue Spice Marinade

Chris Wright

5th, December 2013

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By Chris Wright

This Christmas, why not give the gift of 125 grams of Bayern Munich barbecue spice marinade? Designed to marinate steaks (veal, lamb, beef, pork), poultry, fish and to spice the vegetables and fruit of your loved ones this Yuletide…


€8 well spent, and why not wash your carbonised animal flesh down with a nice tall glass of official Bayern Munich isotonic energy drink while you’re at it?

In fact, Bayern’s online megastore is a treasure trove of random useless tat, with official club kites, snuff, coffee, waffle irons, folding picnic benches, ride-along toy cars, bicycle bells and, of course, baby-sized lederhosen all also available.

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