Top 20 World Cup Players In South Africa… So Far

Ollie Irish

17th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

The first round of group games is done and dusted. Who impressed us the most? Here’s who…


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Siphiwe Tshabalala, South Africa


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  1. Tim Howard, Winston Reid, and Lucas Podolski should be on here. Iniesta, in particular, was pretty rubbish yesterday and shouldn’t be on here.

  2. dbex says:

    No Forlan, Higuain, Howard or Bradley?

  3. chelseaboy says:

    iniesta :o ?
    FORLAN !

  4. spectator says:

    it’s true, iniesta was rubbish.

    and is it me or is he one of the most irritating footballers in the world right now? i don’t know, he has the face of the kid who would scream a lot on the school bus. and he’s kind of a diver/cupcake/brat.

    Siphwe Tshabalala has possibly the coolest name in football. or Waldo Ponce. one of the two.

  5. Delboy Dublin says:

    Looks like you jinxed Enyeama… he’s dropped a right bollock against Greece just now

  6. Ollie says:

    Sorry, but Iniesta was excellent. Deserved to be on the winning side. Xavi excellent also.

  7. james says:

    Why suggest Higuain? He was shite against Nigeria! Veron could be here, Iniesta was kinda crap against the Swiss. I also think Diaby deserves a place.

  8. Yahhh Steve says:

    North Korea

  9. java says:

    I thought Thomas Muller played well and deserved his goal.

  10. eddy says:

    Ye but Higuain just scored a hattrick against South Korea. Also how can you miss out Forlan he has been the player of the tournement so far!

  11. Deckard says:

    Awesome pics Ollie, thanks for uploading them.

    My team of the first round of play would be:-



    v.d. Wiel(HOL)




    Honorable mentions: Muller, Podolski, Dos Santos, Park J.S, Sneijder, Iniesta, Johnson

  12. chet says:

    i dont understand why everyone is going crazy for tim howard at the moment… he made a good save when he was injured by grandpa heskey, but its one youd expect any world cup gk to make. apart from that, i cant remember him making anything but routine saves. hes a good keeper, but i wasnt THAT impressed. espn assholes like lalas saying hes the best in the world? come on.

  13. Olly says:

    George Welcome, one of the stars of the tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. dojo says:

    Tshabalala’s goal in the opening game was great but against Uruguay he was way too selfish and held up most of South Africa’s attacking moves. it looked like he was more concerned with scoring another cracking goal than building up the team movement required to open up an opportunity. leaving out Forlan is insane. iniesta was not terrible but he certainly wasn’t excellent, particularly by his standards. howard was good, some of his saves looked routine but that was because his positioning was pinpoint. ozil was awesome.

  15. The Belgian says:

    Why Park Ji Sung?

  16. Ollie says:

    Some of you didn’t seem to understand that this was based only on first round of games. Forlan was average against France, but good against S Africa. Therefore he didn’t make this list.

    Conversely, Ji-Sung Park was superb against Greece but meh against Argentina.

  17. Simon says:

    Don’t agree with any Spanish inclusions. You don’t score any goals by passing the ball to the defenders, back to the central midfielders, and back again.

    Spain have no width and that is BECAUSE Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets etc are all playing and don’t play well together with no-one like Messi.

  18. Jordan says:

    How can you not have Howard on here?

  19. canuck says:

    Giovanni Dos Santos (Mexico) !!

  20. David Macbeth says:

    Diego Forlan has been the best player of the tournament so far. How can he not be on that last. I also think Gio Dos Santos is worth a mention too.

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  22. Deckard says:

    Spain have width in David Silva, but he was absolutely pathetic against Switzerland. That uber lame shot from just outside the box when he had a great chance to drill it pretty much summed his night up. Navas was better, but still no Messi. Pedro isn’t an impact player and needs to start.

  23. Mart says:

    Alonso was Spains best midfielder in the first game. You cant really do this after one game, although Dos Santos and the Mexican left back have both been excellent so far.

  24. Stevie T says:

    No English player should be in that top 20. They have by far the easiest group and still not won.

  25. tim says:

    Have you watched the games? David Villa?

  26. renaldo says:


  27. roberts bosun says:

    i hope and pry gahna wins the world cup

  28. KaSs says:

    Diego FOrlan Guyz was the bst player so far.He was everything for urugay he scored many goals and he did many assists he was the best.

  29. tshepo ramalepe says:

    lucas podolski is the best player.

  30. Josie says:

    why is iniesta on this list? When was this list even made? geez

  31. Anonymous says:

    have you watched spain vs netherlands it was awful david villa had to score 5 goals aganst germany that was awful too

  32. Anonymous says:


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