Six Things We Learned From The Premier League This Weekend

Ollie Irish

23rd, August 2010


1. Avram Grant is a dead man walking at West Ham. The hindsight police are onto you, Avram – you’ve been winging it, haven’t you!?

2. Referees (and policemen) are getting younger. I was both shocked and depressed to find out that the ref for Birmingham v Blackburn, one Michael Oliver, is only 25 years old. Twenty-five! The Prem’s youngest ever ref had a good game too, though his step haircut is a f**king disgrace.

Gareth Bale – not intimidated by big bully Ryan Shawcross

3. Gareth Bale is definitely the new Ryan Giggs – a Welshman who every Englishman wishes could wear the Three Lions.

4. Heurelho Gomes is playing like he did when he first came to Spurs, ie. like a blindfolded bull in a china shop. He’s all over the fucking place. Worrying, but I’m sure Redknapp is on the case. Nudge nudge.

5. Man Utd won’t win the league this season. I’m as sure of that now as I was before the start of the season, when I predicted Chelsea would retain the title, with Man City in second and Arsenal in third. Of course writing off Fergie is stupid, but then I’m stupid.

6. Tache japes aside, now that he’s fit and happy, Joey Barton is actually walking the walk. Worth an England recall? Yeah, I’m all for it. Barton and Alan Smith the new Gerrard and Lampard? It would be fun – while it lasted.

That’s us. What did YOU learn this weekend?

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  1. William says:

    I’ve learned that Kieron Richardson is looking more and more like Lister from Red Dwarf as the weeks go by.

  2. chimpo says:

    alan smith gets paid an awful lot of money not to score

  3. Fredmeister says:

    Chris Kirkland was drunk during the game on Saturday. Watch the goals again and tell me he wasn’t pissed.

  4. barkynerve says:

    I’ve learned that Manuel Almunia, despite not conceding a goal this weekend, is still the shittiest ‘keeper in the world, even when he has nothing to do. My handicapped friend that plays GK is even better than him, and he’s got a prosthetic leg.

    If Wenger doesn’t buy a GK before the end of the window, I’m going to be very displeased, as I’m sure most Gooners will be.

  5. alex says:

    so tying fulham as opposed to crushing relegation teams means you dont win the league?

  6. Yobo says:

    Here we go again……. Barton gets a goal and he’s worth an England call up. Played decent against a shite Villa team that weren’t up for it.

    Yeah, The new England team is made already. This is gonna be a right fuckin laugh.

    So thats Smith, Barton and Andy Carroll for a call up?

    Cop on you silly English……………

  7. TALHA KHAN says:

    its wrong.. craven cottage is a very hard place to go and win … all the top 4 teams last season didnt come out with 3 points… MAN UNITED not even in top 3.. r u crazy.. UNITED have always had a bad start for 4 seasons running en have won 3 of em… MANCHESTER UNITED will win the league this season!!!

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