14 Awesome One-Club Footballers

Ollie Irish

31st, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

The loyal family…


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Sam Bartram - Charlton Athletic goalkeeper who is still regarded by many as the best keeper never to play for England. He made almost 600 starts for the Addicks from 1934-56.

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  1. baem says:

    you joking? no GIGGS??

  2. fabregash says:

    why do you pat these guys on the back for staying with one club despite interest from bigger clubs, and also say steven gerrard has no ambition because he wants to stay at liverpool? (i actually don’t remember if it was you or chris that wrote that, but still…)

  3. Joe says:

    I’d throw in Totti as well, in the modern era where the Ashley Coles of the world can crash their cars indignantly upon being offered anything below 60k a week, Totti has stayed at Italy’s Tottenham for his entire career.

  4. taun taun says:

    giggs isn’t at the end of his career.He could still yet leave man u :)
    As for fabregash, don’t even try to comprehend things like love for ones hometown club, loyalty, enjoyment of the game etc. It would fry your tiny Sky Big Four brain. Assuming you have one.

  5. Gav says:

    No Brian Labone, that is terrible! Was better than Jack Charlton and only had he career ended by injury. Giant of the game

  6. ted says:

    Ian Callaghan? Bobby Charlton?

  7. Jeremey says:

    Thomas Schaaf.
    Entered the Werder Bremen Youth Academy in 1972, played for the senior team 1978-1995 making 281 appearances.
    What did he do next? He managed the Werder Bremen reserve team from 1995, to 1999. He was then picked up to manage the first team, which he still manages to this day.

    That is a true one club man. 39 years, and probably a few more to go.

  8. Montesquieu says:

    281 Appearances from 1978 to 1995? That’s not very good, especially considering that can be done in just eight seasons with regular every-game starts.

  9. Montesquieu says:

    Anyway, individuals like Fabregash are the new generation of douchebag football fans who make loyal support of local clubs a thing of the past.

  10. oiioo says:

    Paul McStay?

  11. megaman789 says:

    No giggs Gerrard or Carragher?

  12. marajonna says:

    Johnny haynes, come on make it 15, not having am England captain who followed his team through multiple relegations despite still being one of the best players in the country? Poor stuff pies.

  13. wwfc_tom says:

    No Billy Wright?! 500 appearances for wolves, 5th Highest capped england players and most captaincy’s for england!!

  14. STFC_Dave says:

    John Trollope?? 770 League Appearances for Swindon Town!

  15. fabregash says:

    Whoa whoa whoa you guys completely misinterpreted what I said…I was saying that Gerrard shouldn’t be derided for a lack of ambition when he’s staying loyal to his hometown club. I have nothing but respect for these players who remain committed to the clubs they love through thick and thin. As a Liverpool fan, it would very much upset me if Stevie G left for another club. I see how what I wrote was confusing, but I was simply pointing out a lack of consistency.

  16. fabregash says:

    P.S. – Damn taun taun and Montesquieu, you guys can come up with a lot of very nasty shit to say about someone for making one unfortunately-worded comment. Judgemental much?

  17. andy says:

    no puyol? xavi?

  18. McRillen says:

    Jamie Carragher, Billy Bremner, Ricardo Bochini and Fredrik Lundgren should be mentioned…

  19. KevinW says:

    For everyone mentioning current players, I’m pretty sure Ollie only used guys who have retired.

    Gerrard, Carragher, Puyol and Xavi, as unlikely as it might be, could eventually play for another club.

  20. Lol in H7 says:

    We can all blow the trumpets of players from our clubs, but COME ON, JOHNNY HAYNES, per-lease!

  21. Stefano says:

    Two World Champions: Sepp Maier and “Katsche” Schwarzenbeck stayed at Bayern their whole career!

    And watch out for Schweinsteiger, Lahm and Thomas Müller! ;-)

  22. Neil says:

    Ted says:
    January 31, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Ian Callaghan? Bobby Charlton?

    Ian Callaghan played a couple of seasons at Swansea City. Bobby Charlton played a few games for Preston North End.

  23. Jamie says:

    Bobby Charlton had a bad little spell post-Man United, now airbrushed from history, in which he player-managed Preston North End.

    Giggs, Scholes and Neville G. when they retire, and Carragher, all deserve a place on this list. Lest we not forget Stevie G and his transfer request ;)

  24. Anonymous says:

    scoles giggs

  25. Varun says:

    Maldini. 1000 games. Toughest Leage of its time. Fucking Legend.

    His kids are already in Milan youth program & are bloody good. Check out his son’s video with Seedorf.

  26. shay says:

    I think we can safely say that Giggsy won’t be going to another club before his career is over. Sad that Sir Bobby Charlton missed out, but fair is fair.

  27. Mike C says:

    Alan Knight who played 801 games for Portsmouth.

    The likes of Giggs, Scholes and Neville are still playing, but then ‘loyalty’ is a lot easier when you are playing for one of the most successful and wealthy clubs in the world!

  28. Chopper says:

    I guess the comments already show how difficult it is to narrow a list down to 14 players but Johnny Haynes really should be on it.

    658 appearances and 158 goals for Fulham.

    56 caps for England, 22 as Captain. Many of those when Fulham were outside the top division.

    Great picture of Tom Finney though.

  29. Coley says:

    No Johnny Haynes.

    Have you ever heard of the man? The maestro was, and I quote Pele on this;

    “He was the best passer of the ball I’ve ever seen”

    Probably not worth putting on the list of great loyal players though. The man was a club legend and England captain.

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  31. Linfield Janty says:

    Noel Bailie of Linfield FC in Northern Ireland has currently played 1000+ games , a world record as far as I know. He has been at Linfield for nearly 25 years and has made a few appearances this season at the age of 40.

  32. Dusty says:

    How can Paul McStay not be included in this list?

  33. L. Dutiroe says:

    Not even Casillas, or Sergio Ramos…. you gotta be kidding me………

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  35. RacqDar says:

    Billy Bassett. One of the ancients of the game. Played 261 times for West Bromwich Albion between 1886 and 1899. He became a director in 1905, then chairman in 1908; saving the club from financial troubles more than once. He remained as chairman until his death in 1937. That’s at least 51 years service to one club.

  36. Dave says:

    What about Gary Kelly (Leeds) 531 apps in 16 years at the club, and he stayed around when the club hit skid row.

  37. Marcella says:

    You could’ve added Nilton Santos to that list. He’s regarded as the best ever left-back, twice world champion with Brazil’s NT, in 58 and 62. He played 729 games, from 48 to 66, with Rio de Janeiro’s Botafogo. In his entire life, the only shirts he ever wore were Botafogo’s and Brazil’s. A living legend.

  38. Anonymous says:

    No. 33, How is Sergio Ramos a one-club footballer – he transferred from Sevilla to Real Madrid

  39. - says:

    No. 33, How is Sergio Ramos a one-club footballer – he transferred from Sevilla to Real Madrid

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