Top 10 Most Impressive Premier League Players Of 2011/12 So Far

Chris Wright

5th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

As we usher in another one of these goddamn international breaks, we though it would be as good-a-time as any to take stock on the first two-and-a-bit months of Premier League action and single out the ten players that have impressed us most so far for a bit of overdue praise…

10. Gabriel Agbonlahor, Aston Villa: Looked completely washed-up last season due to the prominence of Villa’s Bent/Downing/Young attacking triumvirate. Restored to the side after seeing his competition flogged over the summer, Gabby has already scored more in seven games this season (4) than he managed during the whole of the last campaign (3).

9. Tim Krul, Newcastle: With three clean-sheets in Newcastle’s first seven unbeaten games and only four goals conceded so far this season, Krul is currently sitting behind the meanest defence in all four tiers of English professional football. Aside from the favourable stats, the Dutch ‘keeper has also looked completely dependable when called upon.

8. Ramires, Chelsea: It seems like Ramires is still struggling to ‘get over’ with certain sections of the Chelsea support but, to my eye, the Brazilian has finally settled into his rhythm at The Bridge. Lightning quick acceleration across the ground, a constant terrier-like work-rate and, despite still being a little too wasteful, he’s also looked good for a goal or two.

7. Yohan Cabaye, Newcastle: Alongside Cheikh Tiote, Cabaye has formed a rigid partnership in the centre of midfield, providing a stable base for his side to build from – ‘stable’ not being a word often associated with Newcastle in the recent past. Does his fair share of the dirty work and also serves to provide the odd delectable snapshot or incisive pass to boot.

6. Sergio Aguero, Man City: Heralded as some kind of unearthed gem by the English press after bagging a brace on his debut against Swansea, eight goals in his first five league starts confirms what we (and almost all of the non-myopic footballing community) have known all along – Kun’s really rather good at this football malarkey.

5.  Luis Suarez, Liverpool: Responsible for almost single-handedly revitalising Liverpool’s attacking pretensions since signing last January. Suarez is an absolute arsehole to defend against, relentlessly direct, hyperactive, deft-of-foot and, crucially, knows where the goal is. He’s also a diving, conniving son-of-a-gun but that just serves to enhance the appeal with his partisan crowd at Anfield. In short, he’s the kind of player you’d definitely want to see pitch up in your team rather than your opposition’s.

4. Fabricio Coloccini, Newcastle: Written off as a shaggy-haired joke a couple of seasons ago after a shambling start to his career on Tyneside, Coloccini has slowly morphed into a combative, dominant centre-half – becoming an integral part of Newcastle’s nigh-on impenetrable back-line this season. Positionally astute, good in the air, a leader of men and currently in the midst of moulding a sound partnership with fellow Toon centre-half Steven Taylor.

3. Phil Jones, Man Utd: For all the world it looks like Jones should be your run-of-the-mill brutish, stout-looking centre-back clogger – though, in reality, United have signed themselves a rampaging ox of a defender who’s as comfortable on the ball as he is muscling strikers around on the touchline and flying into precision-timed last-ditch tackles. Well worth £18 million of anybody’s money and still only 19.

2. Ashley Young, Man Utd: Many thought the upper echelons of the Premier League would be a bridge too far for Young, but it already looks like the spindly winger has been playing at United for a couple of years. He’s still intermittently infuriating, runs like a toddler and looks like he could be spirited away by the lightest of head winds, but his delivery and quick interplay meshes well with that of his new teammates (especially the equally impressive Wayne Rooney) and he’s mucked in with a few goals to boot.

1. David Silva, Man City: The best player in the Premier League. Boom! It’s no wonder his City teammates call him ‘The Wizard’. Finds gaps, tangents and angles where there shouldn’t be any. Can go missing for 80-straight minutes then provide a scintilla of sheer, subtle beauty that makes you gush, blush and forgive him all over again. A playmaker in the truest sense of the word.

Honorary mentions: Wes Hoolahan, Juan Mata, Gervinho, Victor Moses, Edin Dzeko, Michel Vorm, Jose Bosingwa, Danny’s Welbeck and Sturridge…

Anyone missing who’s set your world on fire so far this season? You know the drill, just tell me how rubbish I am in the comments box below…

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  1. Bof says:

    Thank you, pies! That’s spot on.

  2. someone says:


  3. NokkonWud says:

    Good list, hard to argue with some (though I wouldn’t have had Cabeye), I thought Welbeck was worth at least an Honorary mention given his 5 goals for United already.

    I would have also had Emmanuel Adebayor for Spurs, who has gone from major villain to potential legend in a handful of games where he’s been nothing short of inspired.

  4. Timbo says:

    Krul, Cabeye and Silva are good choices. Silva is easily the best midfielder in the league at the moment.

    Honorary mentions too for Sturridge, Welbeck and Di Santo. Arsenal fans might suggest Coquelin, although their general plight is probably overshadowing him.

  5. Jack Wheeler says:

    From a Tottenham fan, Parker and Walker have been oustanding so far.

  6. Chris says:

    @someone: No doubt that Rooney’s been outstanding, but sadly there was no room in the list. Consider him ‘number 11’.

    @NokkonWood: Welbeck has been added, that was just an accidental oversight on my part.

  7. johnnyh says:

    Good to see Jose Bosingwa on the honourable mentions list – he does look like a different player this season. I was all for getting shot of him last season – nice to see him playing so well.

  8. JF96 says:

    Enrique settled into life at Liverpool straight away, Martin Kelly also one of the most consistent defenders, likes to get up and down the wing, quite fast for a big full back. Also Kompany is one of the best defenders in the league i didnt used to rate him.

  9. Timbo says:

    I’ve refreshed this a few times – I’m pretty certain Sturridge needs to be on there if Welbeck is!

  10. MrMac says:


    Bosingwa is like a complete new player, i would have shipped him and paulo far far far away as soon as possible last season.

    But atleast one of em woke up and is playing to the potential he in porto under and after mourinho.

  11. Alex says:

    Ledley King all day long, two games without him 8 goals conceded, four wins on the bounce since he’s been back in the team and only one goal conceded. Same could be said for Scott Parkers arrival at the lane!

  12. Markell says:

    Dzeko HAS to be in the top 10… NOT the same guy who played last year at all.

  13. joek says:

    i’m sorry but this list has no creditability if rooneys not at least top 2..stop trying to be different pies, the guy is different class.

  14. The Anit-Snood says:


  15. Montesquieu says:

    Three English players on a list of ten. British football is obviously at its end.

  16. Jon says:

    Why is Gervinho on there? So far as I’ve seen, he’s been pretty poor. Or am I not watching properly?

    • Chris says:

      @Jon: It’s a subjective thing, but he’s impressed me just by being perpetually direct on the ball – something you can’t say about the vast majority of his teammates.

      Whenever he picks it up, he runs at defenders – mostly to minimal avail, but at least he’s heading in the right direction.

  17. Davy says:

    Its a nice change to see a few Newcastle players on a ‘best of’ list rather than a ‘worst of’. I still think it’s a dream how well our season has started….And Tim Krul = Legend!!!

  18. Marty says:

    no love for Szczczczczceny?

    • Chris says:

      @Marty: Fair play, there really should’ve been. He’s near enough been Arsenal’s best player this term.

  19. Ian says:

    Rooney has 9 goals already and not even a mention? Who has been better then him so far this season?

  20. Ian says:

    I like how you said that Rooney was equally impressive as Young, who is at #2, and he didn’t make the list.

  21. Papi says:

    [Insert Rooney rant here.]

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why is gervinho there?Who said dzeko lol dont be daft

  23. dynamozebra says:

    No room for the stand-out left-back of the league this season Jose Enrique? Other than that, pretty good list. Good shouts on Cabaye & Krul, probably would have had Rooney in there.

  24. Congo says:

    Aside from his most recent performance at Sp*rs, I would have voted for the man tasked with filling two sets of world class boots: Aaron Ramsey. Back from being shawcrossed and showing metal, class, and maturity beyond his years.

  25. Mark says:

    You must really hate Rooney or something. Also Young started off amazingly well but has petered out recently.I haven’t read all these comments but I assume there is some outrage towards Rooney’s absence? It’s not like he’s on a record goal setting trend or something…

  26. Greg says:

    Doesn’t deserve to be on the list but Shane Long has made a decent return to the premier league.

  27. joe says:

    Juan Mata

  28. R-Hops says:

    Tom Cleverley in my eyes, before his injury he had forced his way into the United side that he was nowhere near last term (Wigan bench) and kept his place

  29. Matt says:

    Surely Nani has to be among the top 10 performers so far.

  30. derek says:

    Walker. He has been a rock at midfield and really presses up the pitch quick, has accurate passes, and from this last weekend we know he can shoot from distances.

  31. MR. T says:


  32. Mikey says:

    DEMBA BA !

  33. Ubietz888 says:

    Parker. He was truly immense against Arsenal.

  34. Vans says:

    @Congo, Ramsey from what i have seen gives the ball away far too much to say hes having a good season, needs ot improve on these little errors.

  35. Colin says:

    Rooney is clearly on form but that is obvious to anyone and would hardly be worth writing about. I can’t understand a mention for Gervinho; he’s shown occasional moments of class but nothing more. I was discussing Tim Krul with a mate the other day, definitely one of the stars of the first few weeks of the season, so good choice. Been really impressed with Boss-ingwa as well. Dzeko had one good game but hasn’t been consistently special so you couldn’t include him. If I’d have to make any addition it’d probably be one of two Ryans – Taylor or Shawcross.

    And as for Aaron Ramsey…no, just no.

  36. vivegan says:

    How the hell can you NOT put rooney on this list?!

  37. Jay says:

    LOL @ the liverpool fans trying to join in! Poor sods still think they are a big club!

  38. Purplest says:

    Michel Vorm definitely worthy of more than just an honourable mention.

  39. Sam says:

    In all honesty im a norwich fan so will probably be biased, i agree with hoolahan but also think that marc tierney deserved a mention, from league one to one of the outstanding left backs in the premier league in just over 10 months deserves a bit of recognition

  40. Keith says:

    Shay Given should at least merit an honorable mention. After a year cooling his heels on Citeh’s bench, he’s looked like he never missed a minute at Villa Park.

  41. dan. says:

    so where the bloody hell is rooney then? and nasri has also been impressive and at least worth a mention to be fair..

  42. Anonymous says:

    Nani has been united’s best player this season

  43. Anonymous says:

    Wayne Rooney????

  44. dj says:

    impressive players for me are average players who perfrom like superstars suddenly, rooney is already a superstar no need to write him here. Good choices

  45. stevieH says:

    @jay….fuck off! i bet your a manc.go and eat your prawn sandwiches while wanking your mum.see you on satarday when you hear the roar of the kop!not a big club??you should spend less time sniffing your dads arse crack!YNWA

  46. stevieH says:

    @@jay….go read your history books little boy!with that ffat gob an serious lack of football knowledge i guess your a manc then?

  47. Jonnnnyy says:

    Colin by ruling out Ramsey you’ve proved you know very little about football….

  48. Fatma says:

    Hey guys the web talks about “improving” players,rooney isnt improving he had been good ever since,he cant be improving he is perfect and needs no improvments.I think juan mata has to be here he is surely good and works so had sometimes i think he is over doing it,welbeck,sturridge,david luis,aristople,silva,aguero,balotelli,chicharito.Arsesenal has messed up already,grandpa wenger and his love of money ruined the club.imagine nasri and fabregas at one go!!only van persie and walcott try to feel this gap.drogba z fit bt i think he is grwng old,torres out of qsn he is not worth £50 million!!!i love david luis he doesnt care of any think he plays his game from the heart.oh yaeh benzmah z gud and gareth balenis gud he runs like an ostrich!!!

  49. ricky says:

    wheres van persie?!

  50. arsa e barca says:

    no RVP?! you must be out of your friggin mind.

  51. Anonymous says:

    wush gush jeez how on earth did u get a list of performers without matata.

  52. Charlie says:

    van Persie needs to be in here, absolutely carrying the entire Arsenal squad and fan base on his shoulders and not even injured yet.

  53. Ryan says:

    I would have put Gareth Bale in there

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Peter says:

    Ever heard of RVP? Seems you’re rating women’s soccer.. How is it possible you do not know anything about quality and even be able to publish a “loser’s list”.
    First comes RVP, then you can take a break because nobidy comes near…. Take another break, and again, and again…. Wow, now we’re some light years further, it might be that Silva, Toure and VDV are allowed to clean his boots…

  56. Anonymous says:

    where’s RVP

  57. Tom says:

    Gareth Bale surely deserves a mention? I’m surprised not to see him in the top 5! Van Persie should also be in there somewhere (and that’s coming from a Tottenham fan..). Scott Parker is a joy to watch, and has had a cracking start to the season, surely deserves a mention! Vorm should have been in the top 10. End of!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Dis list is nt correct we need d real list

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