One reason why footballers on the front row of team photos should always be kneeling

Ollie Irish

28th, November 2006


The beauty of Who Ate All The Pies compared to straight football news websites is that we can post a picture like the one below with no sign of an accompanying story purely because it’s funny! So while we will always keep you updated with our slant on all the latest football news, you can also have a giggle at this team of Robbie Fowler fans.


[Rob Parker]

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  1. joe says:

    HAHA that looks awful! Can anyone enlighten me as to why the front row (usually in the spanish league) used to put their hands on the thighs of the teammates on either side of them?

  2. pierre says:

    Rob is this supposed to be funny? Because I am not laughing. Posible the silly english humour sense, no?