Liverpool In (Yet Another) Race Row, As Oldham’s Tom Adeyemi Accuses Anfield Fans Of Racial Abuse

Alan Duffy

7th, January 2012


By Alan Duffy

Erm, I guess bad things come in fours, not threes then. Coming swiftly on the heels of Robbie Fowler’s innocent yet badly timed Lionel Richie ‘black-up’, Alan Hansen’s ‘coloured’ remarks and the Luis Suarez case, comes news that Oldham youngster Tom Adeyemi was allegedly racially abused by Liverpool fans during last night’s FA Cup game at Anfield (which the Reds won 5-1).

The midfielder, on loan from Norwich City, took exception to something that was shouted at him during the game, and was even reduced to tears by the incident.

Adeyemi gave a statement to the police after the game while Liverpool FC said: “An incident occurred in the second half of the match which is now being investigated by both the club and the police. We will continue to work closely with the police and establish the details of what actually happened and will make a further statement in due course.”

Merseyside Police revealed that they have begun an investigation although, as yet, no arrests have been made.

A police spokesperson said: “Merseyside Police can confirm that no-one has been arrested this evening, Friday 6 January, on suspicion of racially aggravated behaviour during tonight’s FA Cup fixture at Anfield,” said a police spokesman.

“However, the Force and Liverpool Football Club are investigating following an incident that occurred during the second half of the game. The aim of the investigation is to establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident to ascertain if action needs to be taken.”

One wonders, in the aftermath of the Suarez incident in particular, just how long it will take Liverpool to rebuild its damaged reputation.

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  1. C says:

    This is the madness of one retarded cunt of a fan. Do not judge the whole club and all the other millions of fans.

    Hahaha! Like that’s ever going to happen! :(

  2. Christian says:

    Why exactly do you think it’s a ‘race row’?

  3. Redskywalker says:

    Dalglish will come out in defense of the fan no doubt.

    Scumiest club on Earth

  4. hobbes says:

    When did Liverpool become a La Liga side?

  5. Dont worry says:

    OH SNAAAAP!!!!

  6. Tinez says:

    Many have claimed it’s a minority of fans who abused him. How small does a minority have to be for it to produce a clearly audible chant about Luis Suarez when Adeyemi complained about the abuse and then to loudly boo him upon the restart?

  7. SL says:

    No one arrested, so the other fans must have covered for him. Liverpool are becoming more like Chelsea every day.

  8. Sameer says:

    Duh, so what’s the deal here? You guys WANT a rascism story? When clearly the police haven’t arrested anyone? Or shud the entire English media learn journalism from.. Say North Korea?

  9. Nate says:

    So a club should be held accountable for what a ticket purchaser yells during the course of a match?

  10. MessiBalls says:

    How bad was the statement from the stands? Would it cause you to act like a crazed babboon(I always use this expression, no offence intended)

    David Beckham has been called every prick under the sun and had threats made against him on the field, To top it off some english fan stated ” I hope your sone dies of cancer”

    Beckham carried on like the model professional he is. Legend.

    What caused the Oldham player to react like this? It is not normal, either is racist abuse but come on? Did he want the game abandoned becasue of some racist twat?

    You can call me what you want but don’t call me too early in the morning.

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