Glen Johnson Sees Awful Two-Footed Lunge Go Completely Unpunished vs Man City (Video & GIF)

Chris Wright

12th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

Posted without comment, Glen Johnson’s two-footed, straight-legged (and ball-winning) lunge on Joleon Lescott during Liverpool’s 1-0 victory over Man City last night – a tackle that, it’s worth mentioning, went completely unpunished on the night…

We know Vinny, we know.

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  1. paulo says:

    never touched him. lets all jump on the i hate liverpool bandwagon now…………mugs

  2. STFC says:

    @paulo I think it was more a dig at refereeing than liverpool, but that ‘everyone’s out to get us’ attitude remains endearing.

  3. bgkjhoi;lok says:

    Liverpool beat league leaders city and we get two anti-Liverpool articles (they are all the range and somewhat deserved lately), I dont mind them but can we at least get a match report first.

  4. MrMac says:

    But that’s different chris, vincent doesn’t play for liverpool! ;)

  5. Cofi says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan, but I can understand why Mancini’s not happy. Both Kompany and Johnson win the ball, yet his player sees red. It’s the utter lack of consistency that’s so infuriating.

  6. ds. says:

    i’m basically with Kompany on this issue. we should be punishing people for what actually happens, not what might have happened. in the end you make that sort of challenge because you think you’ll get the ball, or you don’t care. either way, a straight red doesn’t amount to much of a disincentive. meanwhile you end up punishing more people for fair challenges.

    referees shouldn’t be allowed to use their imagination.

  7. Mr. Chopper says:

    Speaking as a Liverpool fan (who isn’t blinded by either loyalty or idiocy), that’s a leg-breaker right there. Much worse than Spearing’s tackle from earlier in the season. There’s two feet and a jump and how there’s not been a broken leg and a red card I’ll never know. All this “it’s about the intent of the player” stuff is bollocks. If it’s dangerous is what counts. And that’s a dangerous tackle.

    Even though he’s our player and I don’t want to lose him, this should be looked at by the FA.

  8. ae says:

    Wayyyy more dangerous than Kompany’s

  9. Col says:

    Different referee = different decision. I don’t really see the problem. It’s part of football and always has been. Rules are there, yes, but do the rules actually say “If you commit a two-footed challenge – regardless of whether you win the ball – expect to receive a red card”? I don’t think they do. Therefore, the situation and the rules are left to individual, subjective interpretation.

  10. VAns says:

    I imagine torres isnt too pleased with the decision either

  11. Mr. T says:

    I was expecting a straight red when I saw Johnson go in two footed. Though if you see the gif carefully, zoom in and all, then you see that the man city player’s first contact with Johnson is when his foot gets Johnson’s thigh.

    Although I agree that despite ‘winning the ball cleanly’ (which I thought Kompany did as well) its a two footed challenge. With a complementary jump as well. Johnson got really lucky there.

    Did anyone else think that the referee was not calling anything though? I saw quite a few yellow card offences go unpunished.

  12. bobbie says:

    That’s a red card card. There’s a lot of talk about if a player touches another or not but the moment Johnson leaves the ground with a two footed challenge like this, he is no longer in control of what happens. If the Man City player comes in harder or quicker, Johnson won’t be able to pull out of that challenge.

    Therefor it is a dangerous tackle and a red card.

  13. Lukass says:

    Waaaaay more dangerous tackle than Kompany’s… How Lescott ended up without a broken leg is beyond me, and the decision not to at least book Johnson is laughable…

  14. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Jump on the Liverpool hate bandwagon? Hold on, when did people stop hating Liverpool?

  15. Mike J says:

    “How Lescott ended up without a broken leg is beyond me”

    I think you’ll find that he ended up without a broken leg because Johnson was nowhere near making contact with him!

    Was it two-footed? Yes. Was it worse than Kompany’s? Yes. Should it have been a red card? Not in a million years. I’m afraid too many people voicing an opinion on this debate have never played football before and probably only started watching in the last few years.

  16. Tinez says:

    See how the FA run away from this one.

  17. Gibby says:

    Not seen Kompany’s but Johnsons a straight red. Both feet off the deck. If that happened on a public park sat afternoon they’d be a massive bust up, you know the kind with every player, both managers, coaches, old kitman, physio, the guy’s burd who’s just been levelled, the guy who collects the weekly dues, 2 guys with a carry out and 2 devil dogs behind the goal ……….

  18. CFO says:

    I’m probably in a minority here but I thought that was an outstanding tackle, then again I thought the same about Kompany’s.

  19. Newcassel says:

    Law 12, page 120 of the interpretations = red card these days. Bloody good tackle when I was a lad

  20. Ryan says:

    Agreed with @Mike J

    And to add; Nani had control of the ball, Lescott did not. Johnson’s is more of an interception than a tackle.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I can understand why Mancini’s not happy, but he shouldn’t be arguing that Johnson should have been sent off after arguing that Kompany shouldn’t have been sent off for the same thing only a week earlier…

    If he complained about lack of refereeing consistency, that would be another thing.

  22. DJ says:

    Whether or not they win the ball it still needs to be a red otherwise two footers will happen left right and centre and so will a lot of broken legs.

  23. thisISben says:

    I am a United fan and I believe that Johnson challenge was much worse than Kompany’s. Mancini has a point.

    The refereeing this season has been a joke, it really has.

  24. STFC says:

    Let’s not forget torres jumped in 2 footed earlier in the season, missing the player and winning the ball. I’m pretty sure johnson’s was worse than that one too.

  25. Jay says:


  26. max says:

    “And to add; Nani had control of the ball, Lescott did not. Johnson’s is more of an interception than a tackle.”

    No no no. Nani did not have the ball. It was a 50/50 ball that Kompany was always going to get to first.

  27. Raul says:

    he was going for the ball so its fair

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