Liverpool Sign New Record-Breaking Kit Deal With Warrior Sports

Chris Wright

19th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

This is a mock-up, before anyone gets too excited

Liverpool have announced this morning that, as of next season, their kit suppliers will no longer be Adidas (after eight years of service) and, as of this summer, will be American bods Warrior Sports.

The deal, worth £25-million a year to the club (the biggest wodge in the Premier League, bumping Man Utd’s £23.5-million deal with Nike into second spot), comes into play from June 1st 2012 and will see Warrior design and produce the Liverpool home, away and third kits, as well as their training clobber for the next six years.

As a happy coincidence, the company are a subsidiary of Boston-based New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc who happen to supply the kit for baseball side Boston Red Sox – a franchise owned by current Liverpool owners Fenway Sports.

Incidentally, Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer has confirmed the reason that his company decided to waiver on a renewal with Liverpool – they’re a bit too shit:

“We thought what Liverpool were asking and what they were delivering was not in the right balance. There was a gap between their performance on the field and what the numbers should be.

“It all depends on the success and the effort and the popularity, the exposure on TV and revenue you can generate by merchandising.’This all has to be brought in line between what you offer and what you get.

“We thought what Liverpool were asking was not… right, then we said we will not do it – that’s the end of the story.”

Given that Warrior are mainly associated with Ice Hockey and Lacrosse strips in the US, we’re going to boldly predict that the new Liverpool kit is going to be a) red and b) ‘baggy’.

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  1. Lady B says:

    Right, I’ll be sticking with my old ones then until they look really, really tatty…

  2. syndex says:

    Everton fan a bit envious, I own a couple of warriors hockey kits and they are excellent really well made so a good decision (no comment about the coq sportif who are wank)

  3. Wolf Haley says:

    Wasn’t this agreed last year?

    Also we’re only beating Man Utd momentarily, they’re deal with Nike is up for renewal in the near future and they’ll easily get more than £25m a season.

  4. Wolf Haley says:

    *their sorry for the bad spelling.

  5. Grant says:

    Yeah, I dunno where you got the info that New Balance makes Red Sox, but all Major League Baseball teams wear uniforms made by Majestic Athletic, and have done so since 2005.

    • Chris says:

      @Grant: Um. That’s what it said in the press release. Do they perhaps supply any training/leisure ranges for the Red Sox? Or is that all taken care of by Majestic Athletic too?

  6. Grant says:

    It’s possible. All official on-field uniforms in Major League Baseball come from Majestic. Of course, the hats the players and fans wear are all made by New Era, but that’s a different thing. I know Nike and other companies produce some leisure ranges for some clubs, so I guess it’s possible that this company makes stuff for the Red Sox. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Warrior Sports (have lived in the U.S. all of my 26 years). Lacrosse is less popular than footy over here, which goes by way of saying not very. And (ice) hockey is only really popular in certain parts of the country and then only at the NHL level. As far as that goes Reebok supply all the NHL teams with their uniforms much like they do for the NFL. So Warrior could be huge in the amateur/collegiate (ice) hockey world, but I would have no idea about it.

  7. STFC says:

    hate to say it, this deal isn’t actually record breaking. the mufc nike deal is widely misreported and is, apparently, worth around £25.7m per annun. aside from the that warrior make some rubbish gears

  8. Red_Devil says:

    Warrior Sports supplying the kits? Wow, bit of a shock, I only heard about them when buying lacrosse sticks, but that is it. Would like to see how simple the kit will be, or if they “Bro” it up, it will be flamboyant.

  9. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Fucking tragic kits are tragic.

  10. KingEric7 says:

    Don’t seem to hear so many of those Yankee jibes from Liverpool supporters any more, funny that.

  11. Tellitasitis says:

    I also heard Viagra are offering Andy Carrol an individual sponsorship.

  12. df says:

    warrior makes some nice hockey gear but im not too sure about football kits…
    now liverpool is laughing all the way to the bank, and hopefully a jersey won’t be that expensive.

  13. Tom says:

    addidas have been with liverpool since the 06-07 season so 6 years..not 8

  14. Josh says:

    I don’t see anyway Warrior could mess a Liverpool kit up. Live in New England and know about warrior. They make top class stuff, so I’m not too worried. If they’re paying us huge cash to wear it too, all the better.

  15. Bertie Magoo says:

    Hmmmm – needs more white hood. Then it’ll be a big hit at Klanfield for King Kenny and his boys…..

  16. thejbs says:

    Crediting the source of the mock-up would be nice! I made this and posted it up on RAWK months ago…

  17. patrick says:

    Haha United fans are sick we’re getting more money..What yous expect? Liverpool have always been a bigger club, you’ll soon find that out in the next couple of years. KING KENNY!!

  18. Stratford_Baggie says:

    Patrick – wake up you cretin!

    King Kenny – what a joke – since joining the Baggies Roy Hodgson has won more points than King Kenny at Liverpool! King Kenny will be the third manager we get sacked this season (after MM and AVB)!

    You blind, dumb, deluded scousers – Liverpool are only a cup team…

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