Moronic Liverpool Fan Caught Making ‘Monkey’ Gesture At Patrice Evra

Chris Wright

28th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

Aside from the 17 ejections, two arrests and the fact that, almost entirely in unison, Anfield saw fit to boo a victim of racial abuse at the hand’s of one of their own players for the entire game – the atmosphere at today’s FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Manchester United was just about as placid and tolerant as it was ever likely to be.

Except for this brainless f**kwit of course, who was caught on camera making a ‘monkey’ gesture at Patrice Evra at some point during the game – inferring, with an audacious lack of self-awareness and irony, that, of the two, it was the United left-back that wasn’t fully evolved from apes…

You’ll be glad to know that the police would now like a little word after the screen capture above was circulated on Twitter this afternoon. Indeed, Match Commander Chief Superintendent Jon Ward said thus:

“This matter is now under investigation by specialist hate crime detectives and we are working with Liverpool Football Club to identify the man in question.

“We take all forms of offensive behaviour seriously, and we will always thoroughly investigate such claims. We cannot allow this type of behaviour to affect the enjoyment of genuine fans.

“We will continue with our efforts to deal with the small number of individuals who commit offences at football matches, in particular, with the continued use of football-banning orders.”

Best of luck with that. Feel free to ban seven shades of shit out of him for my money.

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  1. Andy says:

    what a prick!

  2. Adam says:

    This person needs to banned for life. This person should never be able to claim himself a Liverpool fan. In a time like this when Liverpool need to rebuild their reputation as a respectable club, this is the last thing any “fan” should be doing. True fans support their club and do not do things to harsh-en its character. This person should not even claim to be a fan of football, because in the big picture this does not only hurt the club of Liverpool, it is hurting football as a whole. This person is a moron.

  3. Nate says:

    Chris Wright your loves to dock with other men.

  4. Nate says:

    Chris Wright’s father is a homasekshual

  5. Nate says:

    Chris Wright was born an “addicted baby”, to a crackhead hermaphrodite prostitute who had no va9ina, and therefore had to be evacuated via her bungus, making him a literal human turd. He was born legs first, and at the end of the birth (bowel movement), his mother sneezed, which clenched her rectum, causing the grotesquely misshapen state of his giant head. The sneeze also crushed his brain, thereby rendering him genetically incapable of generating new or original thoughts. This explains his trademark style of “writing.”

  6. Lady B says:

    Agreed! Ban the brainless idiot! Pity a tiny percentage give the rest a bad name

  7. Dick Naylor says:

    Another great article Chris! Here’s what I think:

  8. Wellplayedsir says:

    @Nate, thats all kinds of poor. We’ll let you off though as it appears you’re a scouser so this isn’t your first language. Bore off.

  9. Racist says:

    The only idiots around here are those who thought mass immigration was a good idea…basically turning the UK and Europe into a Balkans disaster. History proves it, and even today you can see in the sheer idiocy of multi-culturalism like Iraq (Sunni v Shiite Muslims), Nigeria (Christians v Muslims), Former Yugoslavia (Serbs v Muslims) and China (Tibetans and Muslims v Han). Race wars…this is what Christ Wright, and all those Lefty Liberal fools have gifted.

  10. Matt says:

    Hope he gets a a life ban…and is that Sepp Blatter seat just beside him?

  11. Tom says:

    Well Nate, unlike your trademark style of writing, which involves the misspelling of at least two words a sentence, Chris is pretty damn good at sarcasm… and grammar.

  12. Tony Frodsham says:

    Isn’t it sad when you write an article based on fact, you get abuse by ignorant people.

  13. JJ says:

    How can you tell from this picture that he was gesturing Evra. In fact how can you even tell this photo was from today’s game. The EXIF data has been wiped from the copy circulating on twitter.
    Regardless, this is England, he should go to jail…

  14. PJ says:

    JJ, don’t be a dumbass. Why would a picture from a previous game only be circulating around Twitter now? Anyways, I can’t believe that this guy could be such a f*cking idiot. Your club has been dealing with a racism shitstorm for weeks and then you f*ck up a good week for Liverpool FC by acting like a 5 year old. The boos ringing from the crowd didn’t help either. We all know that Evra is a prick but Jesus Christ, are you really going to boo him because he was racially abused by a Liverpool player? Suarez was guilty, get over it. Your damaging your club’s already crumbling reputation. Football just got taken back to the 80s and its pissing me off.

    And this guy looks about 40 years old. Doesn’t he have anything better to do besides being an ignorant, uncultured, brainless,dim-witted, utter f*cktard. He better turn himself in.

    P.S. I’m South African (an Orlando Pirates fan, too, by my father and his father) and whenever I speak to people from the UK they mostly think SA is a land of uncivilized morons. Look at some of your countrymen before judging us.

  15. Kyle says:

    It’s worth noting that you can clearly see part of “Standard Chartered” on the man’s shirt in lower front center. Also, the lady’s scarf appears to have LIV on it.

  16. fouldsy says:

    well i guess we atleast know what this idiotic fan’s online name is… its nate. do us all a favour and dont post on this site again nate.

  17. LFC_Fan says:

    Moronic, indeed. Theres a woman on far right giving him a mean side eye.

  18. Tinez says:

    There should be no criminal proceeding, whilst the gesture is disgusting, he is committing no crime. He should be banned until the year 3000 of course.

    The only thing you can say about Liverpool booing Evra is that whilst he was racially abused, Evra admits to inciting the whole affair, and the fans of no team would see that fit to stand. I think it’s naive to make a comment like you have, the reaction was fairly obvious and expected.

  19. Redskywalker7 says:

    C**ts. Scummiest club on Earth

  20. kevin says:

    i hope this guy walks alone

  21. gerrard888 says:

    He looks like a monkey himself

  22. Roc says:

    The most punchable face i’ve seen in a while.

  23. Khairo says:

    you guys sure its not directed to de gea?

  24. Richard Dunne says:

    This is bad, but use looove putting things up about liverpool fans looking like diks, sometimes use have these up before the match results. Why not post about the 3 UTD fans arrested before the match for spitting in the hillsborough memorial>???

  25. Murray says:

    Just gotten wind that the monkey has been located by Merseyside police and arrested.

  26. Nate says:

    Hey fouldsy, kindly go back to sucking your dads d1ck mate.

  27. C says:

    How the hell did Nate’s comments pass through moderation?

    Yet again it’s a sad day to be a liverpool supporter. I felt deeply ashamed when 99% of anfield started booing Evra.

    I bet those who booed Evra will whine like crazy when Suarez gets booed when he plays again.

    Im not racist, I hate everyone equally. But right now I hate liverpool fans more then other people.
    I can only imagine how other clubs’ fans laugh at us…

  28. Ceezer says:

    The guy may be a shit head, he may be a racist, he may be a Liverpool fan and he may be in the stands acting like a monkey but I don’t think that’s a reason for him to be investigated and arrested. England has started sliding down a slippery slope with the arresting of people for”thought” and “speech” crimes. I’m not in defense of this baboon from Liverpool I just find it hard to believe that a person could possibly face jail time or punishment for acting like a monkey in the stands. I mean should every Liverpool fan who boooooed Evra be looked into because the “thought” behind the booing was “racist”? Khairo , I agree with your theory.

  29. Solihull United says:

    typical liverpool! some things never change!

  30. No9 says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I am embarrassed that a fan did this at Anfield….I’m also rather embarrassed at how the club handled the whole affair. The t-shirt thing was ridiculous and unnecessary. As for Suarez, no I do NOT think he is racist. But seeing as racism continues to be something of an issue in English football, I sorely wish that the club had taken the high ground after the incident to just state an apology, indicate acceptance of any FA judgement and just move on.

  31. No9 says:

    @Racist…um, I think that you are confusing race/religion/nationality.

  32. No9 says:

    So then, what exactly ARE you doing in that photo? You look like you’re acting like a monkey to me.

    But maybe we’ve got it all wrong, maybe you really ARE a monkey. In which case, I apologize for thinking that you have developmental problems.

  33. fergie says:

    he is man utd fans not liverpool.

  34. Davy says:

    I cant believe someone sat next to him didn’t say something!!

    @ Nate, you utter moron, go and fuck off nobody wants to hear your appaling racist views!!!

  35. Eeny says:

    He’s sitting amongst other Liverpool supporters. If you’ve ever been to a league football match, you’ll know that they segregate the supporters to prevent violent outbursts. Also, I’ll bet you’re not really the singer from Black Eyed Peas…

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