Possibly Very, Very Racist TV Advert Starring Pepe Reina Axed By Insurance Company

Alan Duffy

29th, February 2012


By Alan Duffy

What is it with Liverpool and (possible) racism? The club just can’t seem to the shake it. Goalkeeper Pepe Reina is the latest Liverpool player to get embroiled in a bit of a racism furore, after a Spanish TV advert he starred in for an insurance company was pulled due to its extremely dodgy concept.

In the advert, the Spanish glovesman is confronted a tribe of black people, who are portrayed in a totally inappropriate and rather offensive manner. Just what was Reina thinking!!???

Anyway, watch the video (below) and make up your own mind..

Thanks to The FCF for the original article. Check it out here.

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  1. James says:

    Sorry, I don’t get the racism. Watch the film Zulu, they look like that as well, and the british killed them all, were all racists!!

    Rei refers to king and Reina refers to queen, so they are making them his queen.

  2. Lanthanum says:

    Yeah I don’t understand this. This might be the most racism thing ever in Spanish, but to me, it looks like Pepe Reina is merely talking to a tribe of black people. Believe it or not, tribes of black people exist all over the world. This ‘offensive way’ that they’re apparently portrayed in is nonsense. This is what some tribes do.

  3. Segun says:

    James, the film Zulu is fictional. It is not reality. Is that concept difficult to understand?

    Lanthanum, you use the term “tribe of black people”. Do you use the term “tribe of white people”?

    Both of you need to talk to some real black people, instead of thinking you know what they are like from watching films and TV. Then, you might get an inkling of how racist that advert is.

  4. audiodrifter says:

    Zulu was filmed over fifty years ago, back in the days when it was okay to be racist because everyone else was.

  5. C7 says:

    so were they supposed to depict the tribe in suits and top hats? for christ sake you ask anyone to imagine a tribe and this is what you imagine. is ace ventura pet detective racist?


  6. Hasselhof says:

    apparently national geographic is racist as well? this is one of those things, as to if the first thing that you see is racism, then maybe one has to look at themselves as to why that’s how they perceive it.

    warning wooden boner content:

  7. C7 says:

    although, if you translate it and reina has called anyone ‘negrito’, i will retract all comments.

  8. liam says:

    Don’t see what;s racist about it…

  9. Raul says:

    in the commercial the king wants to make him his queen because of his last name Reina which translates to queen in english

  10. wu tangggg says:

    Ya i completely agree with Lanthanum, i don’t think this is racist at all. its just an African tribe, which there are plenty of in Africa. I actually think its quite a funny ad.

  11. saywhat? says:

    No racism at all. Just a tribe being a tribe

  12. tycelchu says:

    Is it any more or less racist than say… the first half of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 or the first part of the island in King Kong? Both have tribes in them, both of which are portrayed as cannibals? Surely worse than suggesting that, god forbid, there are gay tribal leaders?

  13. johnny says:

    Did the Black people in the ad think it was racist too?

  14. Redskywalker7 says:

    Are you f***ing kidding me? If this is racism, then I duno what type of world I’m living in. Get over yourselves. No I’m not a Liverpool fan.

  15. Sameer says:

    Nobody gets the sarcasm in the article

  16. Sameer says:

    LOL, how stupid are you English media ppl. Possibly brainless twats end up getting into journalism. Get a grip

  17. Huy says:

    So we need to be so politically correct that we use white actors to portray african tribes?

  18. Alexander says:

    I think it’s offensive to gays. The king is clearly gay as he is making a move on Reina. Portraying gays like this should be banned. If you try a little harder, it’s also anti-vegetarian as it may look like they want to cook Reina, and he is all meat!

  19. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    @ Alexander: Hell yeah!

  20. bill smith says:


    So this is supposed to be “racist” is it? Well, as far as I am concerned, it’s a bit of fun with the play being on the translation of Reina’s name in ..er..the ‘black tribespeople’s’ language.

    Shame the Race Industry race-zealots seem to have shot themselves in the foot again.

    Maybe they should stick with the image of big black footballers bursting into tears at being referred to as ..er..’Black’ on the football pitch, as a more suitable vehicle for whipping up public sympathy!!!!

    Trouble is, these pc, humourless racist establishment nitwits just don’t understand that the more they scream ‘Racist’ at a bit innocent fun, will only polarise the views of normal people such that they will hold these aparachiks from the thought police in even more contempt than they did previously.

  21. Bob says:

    What we really need are actors of no discernible race, colour, sex, sexual preference, height, weight, hair colour or religion.

    If what you see when you look at this ad is black people being depicted as silly or animalistic or inferior or whatever, then you should really talk a look at your own views on race and how you judge people.
    Are the white female actresses in the Lynx ads depicting all white women as insane whores? Or maybe it’s just all women?
    Do the Dolmio ads insinuate that all Italian people are three foot tall, made of cloth, look alike and don’t sound very Italian?

    Insinuations as being made above only serve to inflame tensions without adding anything constructive to the debate and not for the first time the people at pies have displayed poor judgement and distinctively right leanings.

  22. Igor von Chudbucket III says:

    And here we go again. Mountain, meet molehill…

  23. Zulu warrior says:

    Anyone who thinks the film Zulu is fictional is a moron.

    The English did actually go to South Africa and they did actually kill some Zulus. Oh, and the Zulus killed a lot of them too.

    The film itself depicts the battle of Rourke’s Drift and is almost entirely historically accurate.

  24. Zulu warrior says:

    and this advert is not racist.

  25. Mr. T says:

    Ridiculous. Anything to milk a bit of ‘news’ eh WAATP? Saw this on DM, was hoping against hope you wouldnt latch on to this nonsensical allegation.

  26. Alexander says:

    The ad is clearly racist, as it is showing a forced marriage with a black king, while the king should be Pakistani. We all know it from East is East. That’s completely unappropriate! This ad should be banned. What was Reina thinking?!

  27. Tumi says:

    What is this whole thing about “racism” in football lately? Racism as I understand it, is the ability or power to prevent a person to seek advancement or development in any type of human endeavour based solely upon that person’s colour, race or ethnic background.

    Once this premise has been established, I personally did not see the Luis Suarez (f#@#king cheat!! I am from Ghana -2010 still fresh in my mind!) Patrice Evra spat as racist. We all know what goes on during a game. Frank Lampard is called a fat so and so, (fatt-ism?); Drogba diving like a fairy (fairy-ism); Tevez just plain ugly (can’t find or make up an -ism for that).

    When the great John Barnes was in his heyday, now that was racism -where fans (and probably a few players) unable to handle his skill attemped to prevent him from playing, and thereby preventing him from earning a living.
    As a black Chelsea fan doing the 80’s I could not go to a home game without a phalanx of white colleagues who would then vouch for me as “alright”. Now thats racism in football.

    There are several areas were racism remains rife in British society and serious hampers peoples ability to progress – football isn’t one of them.

  28. Chimpo says:

    ^^this boy makes sense

  29. JLBK says:

    @Tumi – You need to stop typing, you are making yourself sound ignorant. Agree that it’s a stretch that this ad is racist and is just a bit of fun, but surmising that because black footballers are able to earn a living in football, they should shut up and just deal with racism is idiotic. We see racism in football all the time, whether it be players or supporters. We see discrimination in all sports for that matter. I suppose that since there are (closeted) gays in the NBA making a good living, Kobe Bryant should not have been punished for calling a referee a “faggot”. This line of thinking is backwards and completely negates your claim that football is not an area of society where racism exists. That you are a black supporter, I’m shocked at your lack of awareness and judgement.

  30. Al says:

    If the add was about a drink called Umbongo instead of insurance it would be fine

  31. idiotsallofu says:

    umm…so whoever does not se how offensive this ad is suffers from the same thing the people who made it do – ignorance. The “tribe” depicted was rather offensive, with the chief and people speaking in a manner that implied savagery and/or some degree of unintelligence. Visit some of these tribes in Africa, you all claim there are many of and all claim to know through your national geographic viewing experiences. This ad is offensive at best. Stop defending ignorance please.

    the “war paint” or whatever it is is also laughable. Really, someone should have thought about this ad going in.

    from a black person who is african, who is in advertising. Who also lived in Spain.


  32. Tumi says:

    @JLBK. Hmmm – my comment was based on “my” definition and experience of racism. I also stated that “I personally” did not see the Luis Suarez vs Evra as racist BASED UPON MY OWN DEFINITION. I do not surmise that black players should just shut up and deal with it. I was referring to one particular incident.

    That I am a black supporter you are shocked that I lack your awareness and your judgement? And since when was I supposed to think more than the average football fan who wants to enjoy a game – JUST BECAUSE I AM BLACK?

    My son wishes to be a footballer, because he sees the success of so many people like him. He is bright enough to study Law, as I did. His response to me suggesting such a profession? “When was the last time you saw a black QC, dad? THe obstacles, challenges, glass ceilings in that profession that I faced is “racist” in my opinion. Calling a black man, er, black isnt!

    PS: In civilised debate lets avoid being personal!

  33. nicko says:

    I speak Spanish, that’s not racist- well not by their standards anyway :)

  34. Number 9 says:

    Too bad the black people took part in this voluntarily. If society thinks this is racist than it doesnt surprise me. You all feed off of eachothers hate nectar and wank eachother off in a circle talking about how everything is racist.

    Here, why dont we stop calling it “racism” and start calling it “we must protect the image of the black man” because we all know you couldnt give a shit about what is said about any other races, could you society?

  35. Xacer says:

    Having a white person simply talk to a black person on TV will soon be brandished ‘RACIST!!!’ by some absolutely illogical, mindless cretin.

    Seriously, calling things like this racist is pathetic and doesn’t help eradicate actual racism. In fact, it’s an insult to anybody who’s suffered real racial abuse and will also annoy 99% of normal people who are NOT racist.

    I’m off to watch ‘Around the World, with Michael Palin’, before it’s banned from our screens!

  36. Anonymous says:


    That’s the translated version. To be fair when it’s translated it’s a bit racist. In a lighter note the ad’s are brutal.

  37. Robin says:


    1. The film zulu is based on a real historical battle…
    2. He would not use the term ‘a tribe of white people’. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT IN A TRIBE. Saying that they are in a tribe is in no-way offensive. it is merely stating the fact that they ARE IN A FUCKING TRIBE; if you wish look up the definition of tribe then decide.
    3. You are an idiot. This is not a racist add. Tribes like this do exist; maybe if you got out of your little niave cave you might be able to see this.

  38. df says:

    how is this racist?

  39. JLBK says:

    @Tumi – apologize for making it personal. That wasn’t the aim or point and calling you ignorant was a misstep. I just got the vibe from your initial post that because these athletes get paid well (astronomically even) they should expect to deal with racist jabs on the pitch and from the terraces. Maybe I was wrong in that assumption.

    I just think that we have reached a very important (boiling) point in football where racism and even veiled racial banter are finally not being tolerated. This is a good thing. But in order to see equality realized, we can’t just brush off the situations in which they occur. This advert is NOT one of them and I apologize for bringing this conversation into this post.

    Best of luck to you and your son.

  40. getting_busi says:

    wait, black people don’t do that?

  41. Bruno says:

    An article worthy of the Daily Mail. Not up to your usual high standards pies.

  42. MoonPope says:

    Segun… Zulu is a true story. True story bro… :)

  43. garza says:

    Ok, to me, the basic concept may be cheesy but it isn’t “very, very” racist (or homophobic, as other outlets are claiming): the chief of a tribe wants Pepe to be his queen because he’s Reina, haha (cough).

    I think the ad may have gone way overboard with its stereotyping, but honestly, this is pretty much what most people envision when you say bush/jungle/desert tribe. When you envision the wild west in America, don’t you see the stereotypical “High Noon” type of town? Or when you say 80’s NYC, don’t you see in your mind a grimy, crime-ridden back alley? Unfortunately, these “classic” images still comprise much of modern mass communication.

    This ad is just a poorly conceptualized and executed ad, but I would definitely call this a bad case of stereotyping rather than actual racism.

  44. Dznot says:

    Also, for those who dont speak spanish, the king says “toco mondongo” which is a dish made with the intestines of animales and “toco” is to touch, so he basically says “i want to touch your mondongo”. The king also says “shinga shinga” which means “chinga chinga” that translates as “fuck fuck” or something like that. has garza said the ad is poorly conceptualized and executed and probably looked better on paper.

  45. Justiceforluis says:

    Now Man Utd’s spies are trying to call Reina a racist!!!
    So Simon Woolley of the “Operation Black Vote” you were a little harder (but not that much) to find out your blatant ties to Manchester United:-

    Simon Wooley is The CEO of EOS Law based in MANCHESTER in fact he has practiced law in Manchester for pretty much his entire career previously working at DLA Piper Law. In his time he’s forged many alliances with all the Law Practices in Manchester. He took a couple of employees from Brabners Solicitors of Manchester with him when he set up EOS Law. The same Brabners Solicitors that has a partner called David Maples who is also a Board Member of….drum roll PLEASE!!!! Manchester United FOUNDATION….

    Simon Woolley is also a close friend of Lord Ouseley of “Kick It Out Campaign” who spoke out in the press saying Liverpool FC and Luis Suarez should have been punished more severely and hiding the fact he’s also a Board Member of The Manchester United Foundation.


    Just like a US style Presidential Smear Campaign The Manchester United run English FA and mickey mouse organisations like “Kick It Out Campaign” and “Operation Black Vote” with huge blatant ties to Manchester United FC are trying to smear as much negativity on the most successful club in British Football history. Knowing full well that Liverpool FC now have the financial clout to match if not better them on and off the pitch now!

    You can say one or two incidents in the recent negativity in the media campaign on Liverpool FC are a coincidence! But they are racking up now and I can name at least 10 that all has the same lingering putrid stench coming from Man Utd! IT’S A DISGRACE! British Parliament has to hold a full investigation into the original incident that kicked this all off (Suarez/Evra) from the Oct 2011 match at Anfield!

    There is a reason Liverpool FC, Luis Suarez and the Liverpool fans have never accepted the “probably guilty” verdict from The English FA!

    There is no other Industry in the world that would allow a CEO of a Company on its Regulatory Board that it’s supposed to regulate, when that CEO has the chance to detrimentally and financially affect it’s competitors! YES DAVID GILL I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU!!!

    From the 3 man FA Disciplinary Hearing Panel where 2 had huge conflicts of interests with blatant ties to Manchester United.

    The “so called” Linguistic experts from MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY used in the disciplinary hearing who were only conversant in the Colombian form of Spanish when Luis Suarez is Uruguayan!

    The withholding of vital and critical evidence from the disciplinary hearing by The FA from Luis Suarez’s legal team.

    The FA finding Luis Suarez guilty for the hand gesture in the Norwich game and handing him a one match ban at the height of the Evra incident, when Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville and Ashley Cole had done exactly the same thing previously and they were never punished!

    The English FA trying to get Luis Suarez to offer to shake his accuser of racism’s hand (Patrice Evra) in front of the Manchester United Fans at Old Trafford and the millions of fans watching on tv around the world as a psychological admittance of guilt! when they disposed of the handshakes in the QPR v Chelsea game because of Anton Ferdinand’s accusations of racism by John Terry!

    There are many more to mention but the above are plain to see this is a constructed Smear Campaign coming from Manchester United FC and The English FA!

    BRITISH PARLIAMENT HAS TO ACT NOW before there is an incident where somebody is physically hurt or dare I say it somebody loses their life!

  46. 2-4-6-8-Motorway says:

    Oh no, da beez raciss n’ sheeeeit! Once again!
    You become more and more desperate, silly white morons

  47. Jamie Holland says:

    People have to understand that these ad was meant for Spanish audience, they have a serious problem with racism over there as was witnessed when our England boys were racially abused a few years ago.

    I wouldn’t say this advert is overtly racist, it’s just something that spawned out of culture that is light-years behind when it comes to immigration and cultural exchanges.

    The Spanish have some uncomfortable views about Asians and blacks in particular, which I found pretty worrying when I was there.

    Anyway, when you look at it in that context, it’s quiet embarrassing ad and rightly pulled.

  48. Jesús says:

    En España nadie piensa que este artículo sea racista, este anuncio no es racista, es un simple juego de palabras con Pepe Reina (Queen) y el rey de una tribu africana, no hay nada despectivo en el anuncio, calificarlo de racista es muy exagerado.

    In Spain nobody thinks this article is racist, this announcement is not racist, is a play on words with Pepe Reina (Queen) and the king of an African tribe, there is nothing derogatory in the notice, call it a racist is exaggerated .

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