Liverpool 1-2 Wigan – Anfield Win Keeps Latics’ Survival Hopes Alive (Photos & Highlights)

Alan Duffy

25th, March 2012


By Alan Duffy

Liverpool – Wigan Athletic – Premier League – 24th March 2012

Roberto Martinez is one of the more likeable managers in football, and against a lacklustre Liverpool side on Saturday, he presided over a vital win for his struggling Wigan side.

The home side produced a flat perfomance throughout and went behind on the half-hour mark, when Shaun Maloney converted a spot-kick after Martin Skrtel fouled Victor Moses in the box. However, the Reds fought back and eventually pulled level early in the second half, courtesy of a classy Luis Suarez finish from a Steven Gerrard centre.

The Reds started to dominate and Suarez then thought he had scored again, only for ref Lee Mason to judge that the Uruguayan had bundled the ball over the Wigan line with his hands. However, soon after, the Reds were behind again, when defender Gary Caldwell turned superbly in the Liverpool box before calmly firing past Pepe Reina.

The home side tried to rally but struggled to construct any kind of proper comeback and ultimately finished the game on the losing side once again.

Kenny Dalghlish’s Liverpool have now lost five of their last six Premier League fixtures and will now do well to claim a Europa League place come the end of the season. Wigan, on the other hand, are now just a point from safety.



Photos: PA

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Shankly must be rolling in his grave.

  2. Jarren says:

    Sorry Kenny, if you’re going to spend that much money on individuals and they don’t perform, it’s your fault.

    Carroll was a legend for Newcastle, but when the first thing that autocompletes on Google when you type his name in is “andy carroll jokes” you know it’s bad.

    Suarez may be a tit but at least he’s got skill.

    Liverpool are like a Diet Chelsea. Same thing, only not as tasty.

    Oh dear.

  3. Sultan says:

    @ Jarren…haaha ! I never heard the diet CHelseaa…hahahahha !!

  4. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    Diet Chelsea may be, but i’d say that pool play better football than chelskis. At least at the moment.
    Queen Kenny has made some atrocious purchases, the only one of them looking at least half decent with potential is Henderson.
    Why buy Downing,a player well at his peak, who is nothing special to begin with?
    Looks like buying English talent is a big mistake at the moment, unless you’re SAF…then you can land Jones/Young who are top class

  5. Jarren says:

    Don’t forget that SAF nurtures talent from grass roots as well as making shrewd purchases at home (and overseas).

    That to me is the key in building a successful team. Money can’t buy lasting success. You have to plant a team at base level and inspire it.

    Perhaps Daglish should stop thinking about glory for a few years and grow a decent team first…

  6. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    Agreed. He’s got a great eye for mixing up the young guns with the veterans and its slowly starting to sort itself out.

    I believe that if the midfield issues are addressed, and a star player worthy of a #7 shirt is found before Fergie’s reign ends, this will be the strongest Manchester United team in a very long time.

    When a $500 million dollar City squad is struggling to compete with ‘the worst United side in years’ then i have to concede that SAF is the ultimate master of the game.

    Dalglish should take a tip – if his Anfield career should last long enough for him to put it into use.

  7. Dave says:

    What was that quote from “king”kenny after the Mickey mouse cup win ?”This is just the beginning”….The beginning of what exactly?

  8. Mr. T says:

    Difficult times to be a Liverpool supporter. We desperately need something to change in the summer. Otherwise the next season wont be much better.

    Also, has anyone else noticed that Liverpool seem to have forgotten how to press higher up the pitch to regain possession? Sitting deep and maintaining formation is all good and fine but this season we have been drawing at home or even losing and everyone is sitting back waiting for the opposition to make a mistake! It is downright infuriating when your team is not even trying to get the damn ball back, let alone score. Clarke and Kenny need to sort things out. Specially given the fact that since Agger’s injury we are leaking silly goals to relegation teams.

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