Kenny Dalglish And The Anti-Murder Rocktopus (Video)

Chris Wright

30th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

The latest off-kilter awesomeness from Scotch mirth-merchants Fitba Thatba; ‘Kenny Dalglish and the ROCKTOPUS’ – a video they cheerfully herald as ‘their stupidest ever’ and ‘without doubt the most idiotic thing they’ve ever done.’

It’s hard to argue.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“‘Anfield Park’ is the venue for a near murder when Liverpool’s new signing almost eats John Barnes. Then Kenny Dalglish gets annoyed at interviews and then I got really bored of the script I was writing so I put in a giant octopus because I like octopuses. Octopi? Octopi.”

If you can smell colours and see round corners after this then don’t worry, it’s completely normal..

Via Fitba Thatba