‘I Want To Punch Him In His N*gger Head’ – Racist Twitter Abuse Of James Perch To Be Investigated By Police

Chris Wright

2nd, April 2012


By Chris Wright


Police have launched an investigation after receiving a complaint about racist abuse aimed at James Perch on Twitter following his various antics against Liverpool on Sunday.

The Twitter user, believed to be a 17-year-old Liverpool fan who works at a supermarket, tweeted: “I want to punch Perch in his n*gger head!” then ended his masterpiece by calling the Newcastle defender a ‘c*nt’.

The complaint was then made to Northumbria police by a man from County Durham.

So this is how it’s going to be is it? Every time a non-white player does something to rile a set of supporters, the racist contingent of Twitter’s lowlife will come out in force and the police will have to be bought in.

Yes, it was a dive. The actions were risible, but the net result was the correct one; yellow for the dive (though it was actually administered for the initial trip) and red for Reina – he shouldn’t have gone in with his head. End of.

Strange though, that had the little git in question merely expressed his violent desire to punch Perch in the head without bringing his race into it, we’d probably have nothing to talk about right now.

Weird how it works isn’t it?

While we’re on the subject, you may be glad to learn that Liverpool fan Philip Gannon – i.e, the goon who made ‘monkey’ gestures at Patrice Evra at Anfield back in January – has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence and is now due to appear at the awesomely named ‘Liverpool Justice Centre’ on 20th April.

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  1. SL says:

    I wonder what he thinks of Carroll whod rather cheat to try and get a player sent off than score in an empty net.

  2. Jones says:

    England is such a soft country man. You guys arrest people over freaking WORDS. What the guy said is disgusting but to arrest him is as disgusting. Your country is just as bad as the Arab ones under sharia law.

  3. Mr. Sparkle says:


    Are you…retarded?

  4. Rob says:

    Don’t understand why this idiot has to include race, what a twat.
    As for the incident, I thought Reina was unlucky to get a red, did you see Dempsey on Bellamy earlier on in the season? It was more more aggressive and he got a yellow.

    Check out the video from this weekend, 1 minute in to this video
    Perhaps both West Brom players should have been sent off.

  5. JT says:

    he should never of been racist. But to be fair, James perch is definately a cunt!

  6. Le-hunt says:

    so word is not to let go of Liverpool’s dead body untill the last bit of flesh is ripped of and swallowed ?

  7. Tinez says:

    @Mr. Sparkle

    Judging by his use of the word ‘freaking’, a word that were a British person to use it they would be laughed off the Island, he is an American. This means he thinks his country has the right laws and ours doesn’t. Surprising reaction? I think not.

  8. SL says:

    @ Mr. Sparkle

    No, I bet he is American.

  9. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    Klanfield strikes again.
    Keep King Kenny!

  10. FeintZebra says:

    Hope he gets charged – deserves it. Am waiting for the day when any person abusing another person who has their football club in their twitter tag gets sued by the club. Am sure its on the horizon.

    Incidentally, a quick search on your site shows no story about Howard Hobson – or about the chap who was arrested at Arsenal V Newcastle? (unless your search is knackered in which case racism only exists in “Klanfield” doesn’t it.)

  11. Joe says:

    Oh god, how big a mong do you have to be to still do stuff like this? That Lawrence fella had his life ruined for saying stupid shit on twitter less than a week ago.

    Better than having these clowns clog up valuable prison space, how about a rudimentary system where we make them repeat their words face to face to their targets? That’ll teach quite a few internet tough guys.

  12. sam says:

    Joe: I would cherish saying choice words to Evra or Perch’s face. Even if i did get beat. (which i would) It’d be worth it.

  13. American says:

    lol at you brits getting all riled up over WORDS.

  14. Jarren says:

    Joe, that is a simply awesome idea.

    They’d shite themselves at the mere thought of it!

    So easy to be a big man behind a computer screen, let’s see these kids walk the walk instead of talk the talk…

  15. English and Proud says:


    LOL at you Americans getting riled up by someone chucking your flag to the floor

  16. Coolie says:

    I agree with FeintZebra. Why the blow by blow account of that Liverpool fan but no other cases that have came to light recently?

  17. Coolie says:

    @ Chris: Well there is no other explanation. Pretty self serving if you ask me. Only reason you added that bit in is because you were found out on the Tom Adeyemi issue, although you wouldnt admit that either at the time.

  18. Tinez says:

    @English and proud

    Oh no, they’ve chucked their flag to the floor, let’s all get annoyed and loud and aggressive because our red and white stripes mean so much to us.

  19. Mr. Sparkle says:

    At least in the U.K racists get arrested, unlike in the U.S. where a security guard can shoot a teen and ‘vanish’ without a trace.

  20. Tinez says:

    At least in the UK racists get arrested, unlike in the US where they get elected as part of one of the main government parties.

  21. Tinez says:

    Caveat: Elected to positions of real power

  22. kelly says:

    @JT Do you not think it would be very painful to get nutted on the end of your nose?

  23. sleeba says:

    WHOAH! WHOAH! Brothers, we should be fighting together.

    “We are”

  24. Phil K says:

    Yeah, I was one of those who where tweeting with this pillock. Still getting the odd tweet from him too. The police and courts moved a bit fast with the swansea fool, (although why jail for a first offence when islamic extremists gloat and mock returning dead completely without reprisal ?) so this Liverpool fan doesn’t seem to be getting the same response for the same crime.
    This country’s laws are full of bloody holes to suit pressure groups. If its offensive, then blast ’em – with a final warning. THEN go further. The repulsive Chowdury and his hundreds of wannabee terrorists shouldn’t get a more lenient form of “law” due to pressure from hypocrites who shout about freedom of speech and then demand it taken away from someone else due to colour/creed.
    It works both ways, no matter how repulsive the Swansea idiots tweets were. Far more complained about the islamcists, yet far less was done.
    Thats fascism.

  25. Phil K says:

    I’d like to think the racist tweets have disappeared. they haven’t. They’re just more circumspect. Better for – like with this Liverpool racist – the rest of us to blast him, and show him what a dick he is.
    As I say, the law has made itself the tool of pressure groups showing its double standards in all its ugliness.
    But more on this scouse tit. Is the not the end product of Liverpool’s defending the racist Suarez ? It went from bad to worse. The scouser screaming abuse at a young Watford player who got himself very upset, yet NO Liverpool fan would point the finger. On the contrary they denied what he’d done. The 58 year old abusing the Man U player at the centre of the allegations. Now this.
    Would they have happened if Dalglish hadn’t done the T shirt idiocy ?
    One thing leads to another.

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