Football GIF: Newcastle vs Liverpool Dive No.3 – Cabaye Goes Down Like Sack O’ Cow Dung

Chris Wright

3rd, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Turns out Messrs Carroll and Perch weren’t the only cheating, feigning dreckbags at the Sports Direct Megastore Arena on Sunday, as Yohan Cabaye also got into the spirit of the afternoon – an incident that appears to have passed under the radar somewhat…

Excuse me while I go and scream in the corner for a while.

(GIF via Arul Kacker)

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  1. muslimfootie says:

    cheating fool

  2. ToonFan says:

    Technically, he was expecting Suarez to kick him…which would have happened had he not ‘moved out of the way’

  3. Slim Charles says:

    Poor old Suarez. Such a nice guy as well…

  4. AGB says:

    If you actually watch the WHOLE of the match you’ll see that Suarez and Cabaye had being niggling at each other for 30 seconds before this. Suarez started it, Cabaye gave him one back, and was probably expecting a hefty sly kick from Suarez as the next installment as the ref followed the ball away from the incident. Never mind though, its always more fun to focus on a single incident without any context to it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    so .. you are blaming suarez for this?

  6. Hasselhof says:

    @AGB so what your saying is it’s ok to make yourself look like a giant wet bag of floppy dicks, so long as the other guy started it. The fuck it is.

  7. Davy says:

    More anti-Newcastle stuff Chris. I think you are secretly a fan for fucks sake!!

  8. Kacker says:

    Suarez used Slimy Urchin… it’s super effective! Cabaye fainted!

  9. AT says:

    obviously Yohan doing an April Fools

  10. AGB says:

    @Hasselhoff – No, what I’m saying is that perhaps if the build up to the whole incident was shown, instead of just a two secnd repeating gif showing Cabaye alone, it would have shown TWO giant wet bag of floppy dicks, instead of the sentiment that @Davy has rightly brought out.

    That clear enough for you? I hope the fuck it is.

  11. Luke says:

    Watch the whole clip; the two were going at it all match with little jabs at each other. Not to mention the fact that Suarez was up to it himself. Context.

  12. Titus says:

    As much as I dislike Suarez (and I do a lot), he cannot be held accountable in any way for somebody else diving, no matter the context.

  13. js94 says:


    How is this anti Newcastle, There is a GIF of Carroll’s dive as well so is that anti Liverpool then?

  14. Rob says:

    i suppose he was expecting it to hurt too, that’s why he rolled around holding his foot.
    How bad has football got that people actually defend this crap?

  15. McRico says:

    You can clearly see Suarez produce a flick knife out his butt cheeks.

    Suarez deserves a life time ban for this one.

  16. Al says:

    @ AGB – what does context matter, if he dived and rolled around making a fool of himself then thats what he did, it doesn’t matter if him and Suarez were at each other, context in tis situation is irrelevant.

  17. budgie says:

    clearly suarez straffs his studs across cabeye’s toes

  18. WildScotsman6 says:

    suspensions should be served for this.

  19. Scott says:

    Yes the two were niggling at each other, but that doesn’t make this any less utterly detestable. Cabaye was clearly hoping that in the current anti-suarez climate he’d get booked/sent off.

  20. KKK says:

    I think he actually hurt his head (it bounces off the ground), because he was down for five minutes. That, or Suarez using his telepathic racist powers to fell the poor lad.

  21. sloth says:

    More anti-cheating-sack-of-knobs-ruining-the-beautiful-game-of-football stuff Chris? I think you’re secretly a fan for fucks sakes!
    (There,fixed that for you Davy :)

    Everyone get over your partisan butthurt and realize this is sheer idiocy. Context is NOT important because nothing excuses going to ground like a prancing mimsy if you haven’t been straight poleaxed by Pepe or a similar beast. This applies to Carrol and Suarez and Bale and every football player on the planet.

  22. Jarren says:

    These “incidents” make me fear for certain players.

    Maybe they should get extra insurance in case a sudden gust of wind breaks their one of their tibias?

    Poor souls, so easily hurt. What surprises me though, is their superfast recovery time. What would take a normal man months to recover from, these superhumans can recover from in a matter of seconds.

    On closer inspection of various cases I believe the referee species may contain an airborne poison of some sort, as the close proximity of them to the afflicted player appears to worsen their condition (yet once the referendi look away or become disinterested any injury heals instantaneously).

  23. josemi says:

    @mr rico .. suarez is known to be the gun slinger(el pistolero) ,, so i dont think a flick knife would be the weapon of his choice probrbly he shoved a bullet up his arse and fired it at cabaye .. using the mighty power of el petuletia . watch his suarezes arms goes up as he relaxes stomach ..

  24. CJ says:

    i would also like to know how context exuses blatant cheating? there was no contact and he went down as if suarez broke his leg. im a liverpool fan and after the game am disgusted with this and the carroll incident, in my eyes both players need a suspension! maybe then players will realise their cheating affects the team and stop doing it

  25. josemi says:

    @Cj this was no dive luv ,,look at the video again you see how Suarez strategically point his arshole at Cabaye just as the ref turns around.. as i said before el Pistolero has a concealed weapon ,, look at my previous comment as describe in detail the inner workings this weapon in many parts of south America it’s called el colu-pistola .. it is said Pablo Escobar once used it when in captivity .

  26. Luke says:

    CJ, I never said context excused it – merely that it shows Suarez is far from innocent in the matter and that Cabaye didn’t do it out of the blue.

    I think his play acting and feigning injury is incredibly irritating whenever I watch the Toon but this didn’t come out of nowhere.

  27. ToonFan says:

    Of course its Suarez’s fault! He went in 2 footed! LOL
    I didn’t blame Suarez, just gave the lad Cabaye the benefit of the doubt on this 1…Wouldn’t be a toon fan without a bit o toon bias

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