BBC Forced To Apologise Over MOTD2 Host Colin Murray’s ‘Headbutt’ Comment

Chris Wright

5th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

The BBC have been forced into apologising for comments made by Match of the Day 2 host and ‘Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2007’ Colin Murray last Sunday, after receiving several complaints relating to Murray describing Pepe Reina’s red-card offence against Newcastle as a ‘lame headbutt.’

Murray then asked pundit Mark Lawrenson: “When you get sent off for that type of lame headbutt, do you regret not sticking the head in anyway?” which some viewers obviously interpreted as Murray – a Liverpool fan by trade – condoning the on-pitch aggro and suggesting that Reina should have stuck James Perch one when he had the chance.

The Daily Mail have been busying themselves, retweeting several of the complaints made by disgruntled viewers on Twitter:

“Cannot believe what Colin Murray has just said on MOTD 2 about headbutting. Just what do the BBC see in him as a presenter?”

“Colin Murray is a disgrace for saying that. Basically inciting violence on the pitch.”

Etc, etc.

The BBC have since apologised for Murray’s comment, saying: “We’re sorry for any offence caused.”

Speaking as someone who was viewing at the time, my initial reaction to Murray’s comments was not one of disgust or a sudden gushing of projectile bile, but more of a ‘Eee, he’s probably going to regret that’ vein – given the hyper-testy disposition currently enveloping the game.

What Murray said wasn’t particularly clever, but it was as viable as any other question posed. Lawrenson could have responded with an abrupt ‘no’ or words to that effect and the matter would’ve been dealt with.

Shame, really, that the Beeb felt the need to apologise for something so patently inoffensive.

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  1. jakey boi says:

    Can nothing be said anymore thats abit tongue and cheek!! the people complaining obviously have nothing better to do and have no sence of humour!

  2. Alex says:

    Am I correct in reading there that the daily mail are complaining about someone inciting violence?

  3. Ross says:

    Don’t mind his comment as I tend to agree, however, cannot stand Colin Murray as a football pundit.

  4. Davy says:

    Colin Murray shouldnt be allowed on the radio or tv. She should fuck off!!! But what he said isnt anything bad man howay!!

  5. 4EVERED says:

    Some people need to get a life. BBC need to ban “lame” complaints!

  6. Dan says:

    BBC are pussies. Fuck the Daily Mail. I’m surprised anyone actually understood what Murray said. As Alan Partridge said, “That was just a noise!”

  7. Stewart says:

    I do agree that you’d think a big round bald globe like that could do better.

    I think Murray suffers from trying too hard to put the ‘I think this is what they’ll be saying on the terraces’ points in.

    If we’re talking strange headbutts, Zidane’s headbutt was bizarre wasn’t it? Sort of head down march towards the chest if I remember rightly.

  8. Mikey J says:

    Who on Earth was offended by that??? Christ, are we a nation of shitbags or what?

  9. js94 says:


  10. SL says:

    Its nothing more than daily fail anti BBC propaganda.

    We are not a nation of shitbags, fail readers are shitbags.

  11. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    Colin Murry is decent. Way way way better than his Norther Irish brethren on 5 live, whatever his name is (the one who moans about his view, strength of his tea, the noise of the fans, people standing – basically hates being at football matches).

    Having said that, when Murray says things like “he’s went for the ball”, my whole being wants to strike him down with great vengeance and furious anger. It’s he’s “gone” for the ball, and you fecking well know it!

  12. KingEric7 says:

    He is SUCH a TWAT! I can’t stand him and am perplexed to why he’s even a football presenter. His accent absolutely grates and the other pundits constantly look at him like “who’s this wanker?”.

    Nearly every week he tries to make Lee Dixon out to be some kind of Alan Davies – QI jester type, who squirms with disgust almost every time he’s introduced to some faux-banterish line that has been shoehorned in by the producers. He wants to be taken seriously about his views and not undermined by that specky little weasel.

    With normal MOTD you can tell the pundits share a kindred bond with Lineker as he’s one of their own mob but this Murray has fuck all in common with them and it shows.

    @Professor Emo Brestpinchd; I think the douche you are referring to is Alan Green who is to football what gonorrhoea is to sex.

  13. eddy says:

    I actually quite like the man. I mainly watch MOD2 for the way that we pronounces Wolves, so much that they’ve become my second team despite the awful football!

  14. Dave says:

    some people really need to find better things to do than complain aaall the time… fucks sake i want to just hurt some people.

    i actually dislike colin murray quite a lot so don’t tell anyone but i hope he gets fired over this and motd2 gets a decent presenter

  15. Jarren says:

    I like Colin Murray, I think he brings a relaxed & chirpy vibe to MOTD2.

    I really don’t understand the vitriol people have for him. Nobody on MOTD gets on my nerves.

    ESPN though, well that’s another matter. I just can’t take Steve McManaman’s commentary at all.

  16. Del says:

    You can’t blame the guy for being human. He was just voicing what a lot of people were probably thinking. Unfortunately being human and being a TV presenter don’t go hand in hand.

    @eddy: agree with you, the way he says Wolves gets me every time! XD

  17. lfcbaby says:

    @ Mikey J says:
    April 5, 2012 at 12:03 pm
    Who on Earth was offended by that??? Christ, are we a nation of shitbags or what?

    lol , i think i peed a litle when i read it!

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