Liverpool Boss Kenny Dalglish Gives Another Crabby Interview To Sky Sports (Video)

Alan Duffy

10th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Cheer up, Kenny, you’ve just watched your team win for the first time in yonks, courtesy of a dramatic last-gasp goal from a much-maligned player! Surely you can see the joy in that?? No?

Andy Burton was the man on the receiving end of yet another tetchy interview from Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish after his side’s dramatic 3-2 win at Ewood Park. The Reds’ manager almost walks off half-way through, apparently shaking someone’s hand off-camera. But overall, his attitude was rather nasty. So the question is – why is Dalglish so defensive in interviews???

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  1. muppets says:

    such. a. cunt.

  2. Err says:

    What was wrong with that………….

  3. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    Where’s he fecking off to half way in?
    If I was the sky sports producer off camera I’d be reminding him where his wages come from.

  4. Tango Mike says:

    Where his wages come from?
    Kenny Dalglish is a BSkyB employee now? And there was me thinking billionaire American investors were bankrolling the Anfield Circus.

    As a Liverpool fan it’s painful to watch, it’s almost like watching the onset of dementia, you’d near think he forgot where he was supposed to be halfway through. Absolutely awful.

    I’d have Benitez back in the morning.

  5. ivor bollocks says:

    I think basically, he’s a bit thick, and does not like being interviewed, he is worried he is going to put his sweaty sock foot in it, so to speak.

  6. blah says:

    No where, hence why he stayed without coercion. This is an example of various people trying to make a story out of nothing. Ridiculous article.

  7. Mr Sensible says:

    Seriously, what is his fucking problem! His team just won!

  8. Jarren says:

    So, Kenny, an interesting match with lots to talk about but the first question has got to be…

    u mad bro?

  9. manny says:

    king kenny the kunt

  10. Anabelle says:

    So what? Alex Ferguson blackballed BBC for years, instead sending his assistant in his place.

    I hope Kenny send Steve Clark for interviews. Problem is Steve hates reporters as much as Kenny.

  11. Jarren says:

    @Anabelle: Yeah but SAF refused to speak to the BBC because of a program they made about his son Jason.

    What is Kenny’s problem?

  12. E says:

    Being a Scot myself, I feel torn whenever I see Kenny Dalglish. On the one hand, it’s practically a law here that Kenny was a legend since he’s one of the few good players we’ve ever produced. But on the other hand, I can’t help wanting to punch him square in the face every time he’s on TV. I feel slightly treasonous saying that.

  13. KKK says:

    He wants to end the interview at 2:10 and they physically force him to stay there and answer more of their retarded questions.

  14. CJ says:

    as a Liverpool fan i am disgusted with kennys attitude! its embarrassing for him and more importantly the football club! the club has had its problems and it would be hard for him to hear the same questions over and over again but acting like a dick is not going to help.. cheer up kenny or at least to pretend to

  15. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    queen kenny is nothing but a court fool

  16. MGJ says:

    I’d just ignore him and not bother covering Liverpool games. He’d soon come round for a chat.

  17. umang says:

    wtf… its fine man. he wanted to leave.. was trying to with a smile but he asked one mroe question. he answered it. both said thankyou. np. over. stop making a fucking issue outta this man.

  18. Coolie says:

    I think its pretty clear that he doesnt like Andy ‘Two Phones’ Burton, then again nobody does so im with Kenny on this one!

  19. Kacker says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is here? :/ He doesn’t want to talk about things that someone could make a story out of, and he doesn’t want to answer retarded questions like ‘do you think your team deserves credit for turning things around?’ What’s he going to say? ‘No they all suck.’?

  20. Degs says:

    The BBC interview was fine.

    Maybe Sky reporters should stop asking such fucking stupid questions.

  21. Milkchew says:

    Liverpool fan here! I gotta say just over one year ago when he came back ti was klike a breath of fresh air, he was very much jovial in interviews, one year one and he is quite rude and cringe worthy to watch.

    I honestly think he is under so much pressure he is abotu to crack. Cant see him being in the job much longer. Its not the game that has changed so much since his hayday in the mid to late 80s (Although it has changed), its everything around it that has changed far more. The travelling the time spent with the players, the constant press conferences and everything else. Id be like `OH JUST FUCK OFF!” to the camera, but he is a pro and should act like it. Such a shame to see his rep slowly eb down the shit pan.

  22. Al says:

    I reckon it has something to do with Burton, Carragher got narky with him after the Carling cup final as well

  23. STFC says:

    Obviously the only rational explanation to his perpetual cageyness in interviews is that he was gang raped by a group of reporters.

  24. Suarez says:

    KD was perfectly respectful of the interviewer – despite the fact that it was a Sky cunt with his agenda.

  25. pepe says:

    what a difference a year makes…

    I used to like the guy but he’s burnt his bridges with all except a minority of the scouse faithful.

  26. swiss mafia says:

    Respectful? …
    I think leaving in the middle of a question is anything but respectful! And to those saying that Kenny was fine in the interview, and it was the questions that were stupid, just remember that these questions are very common and always asked to the manager at the end of the match. The only difference is that other managers have the respect to answer them correctly, whether they like them or not.
    And this wasn’t even a one time deal, Kenny has been awful and arrogant in all his recent interviews.

  27. Jave says:

    Love all the pool fans delusion in trying to defend kenny, ‘it was the interviewer’, ‘he was smiling’ and ‘just wanted to leave’. Im sorry but you have to admit Kenny is just downright rude and aggressive in most of his post match interviews. Its unnecessary and painful to watch.

  28. Dave says:

    It would take 30 seconds of Google to know why that interview was like that. Since Jan 2011 when Kenny took over, he has had problems with Andy Burton. Look at the interview with Rafa from a few years ago when he asked Rafa is he should now resign? See the interview with carra when he said he should retire? See the questions which are at best rude and very unprofessional asked over the past season and a half.
    Andy Burton is the person who got away with the sex row with Andy Gray and Richard Keys. Wonder why he got away with that? I am 100% sure it wasn’t a set up….
    People, just do your homework before commenting on one interview, look back at all the others.

  29. Si says:

    @Dave – Kenny has reacted badly to *any* interviewer who has dared question whether Liverpool are going in the right direction this season. Focusing on Burton is misleading.

    Whether he likes it or not, he is required by the FA to give interviews to Sky, the BBC and the like, so he should just get on with it – lying through his fake smile if need be – and ensure that he does not piss off the FA and his American sponsors, who could be said to be averse to bad publicity, given how they waded in on the Suarez issue.

  30. 2 shoes says:

    irrespective of any historic bad interview blood,this man is socially inept.His body language clearly shows us a man who is struggling in every sense of the word.Heis a complete and utter wanker who seems to fotget it’s football fans who pay his wages.Get a job behind a Weegie bar…then see how long you’ll keep up the smart assed attitude.Also your hair dye is crap!!!

  31. pt says:

    youre full of shit kenneth, watch yourself…

    didnt want to talk about doni’s red card but jones didnt deserve to get sent off?

  32. Harriers11 says:

    Its quite common for managers to walk out, i’ve got mate whos one of the cameramen that does the ints at the end and he has seen the following walk out on him,

    Harry Redknapp
    Martin Johnson
    Sam Allerdyce
    Alex Ferguson
    Craig Bellamy

    The thing is that the players/managers/clubs all forget who bankrolls them. If it was the owners it wouldn’t be an issue when clubs like West Ham, Charlton, Porstmouth go down. For the most part its sky money keeping these clubs afloat and somewhere along the line it has been forgotten.

    My mate reckons that the clubs are so powerful that they intentionally put up barriers to sky to show they are in charge.

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