Xabi Alonso Follows FA Cup Final On His Phone From Real Madrid Bench (Video)

By Chris Wright

File this under ‘curio’ but here’s a little snippet of former Liverpool man Xabi Alonso keeping former Chelsea man Jose Mourinho abreast of the score in the FA Cup Final while sat on the bench in the Bernabeu…

Granted it’s not the most interesting clip, but anything Xabi is okay by me. Would you just look at his little fuzzy orange face?

For some reason, it seems so strange to see that those two Real Madrid bigwigs still harbour an interest in our pokey old cup.

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  1. Milkchew says:

    Love Alonso, Liverpool legend, still attends some home games too.

    Was treated like shit by Rafa for some reason, trying to whore him off to Juve for some reason and replace him with Gareth Fucking Barry (Serioulsy WTactualF was he thinking) and then to top it off Raneri the Juve boss at the time pulled in the deal saying `I think Alonso is a bit to slow`. To slow! TO SLOW!!! One, hes one the best passers of the ball in the world you dont need to be fast and two, Juve play in the Seria A where a corpse could be considered breaking speed limits.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Who doesn’t love Xabi?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love Xabi Alonso.

  4. Qq says:

    Maybe they were betting againts each other..
    Mou got chelsea, xabi got liverpool

  5. Mr. Chopper says:

    I think most people would concur that they’d take Adam, Spearing and Henderson over Gerrard, Alonso and Mascherano any day of the week. The battle for 10th is ON, baby!

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Qq: Good thought, maybe they had a little private bet going on!

    I wonder what Mourinho won?

    Maybe Alonso had to walk home…

  7. Jarren says:

    @Qq: Interesting idea!

    I wonder what Mourinho won?

    Maybe Xabi had to walk home (while Jose had a choice of two cars)… :P

  8. lfc_man says:

    Like that ex girlfriend you just don’t forget. Alonso still loves liverpool and I’m pretty sure Mourinho would like to return to Chelsea at some point. Interesting to note, Terry, Czech, Cole, Lampard, Drogba played in the final. All Mourinhos players.

  9. Jarren says:

    Dammit what’s wrong with my connection to WAATP today?

    I have to enter my username & password every time I want to post something.

    I haven’t been fiddling with my Firefox settings, is it a problem with the site?

    • Chris says:

      @Jarren: It may be at our end, we’ve been having similar problems. Something something servers something something.

  10. emma says:

    baby come back… :(

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