Football GIF: Michael Essien Does Andy Carroll Extreme Physical Discourtesy

By Chris Wright

Like a lioness bringing down a young gazelle on the plains of the Savannah with a horrendous all-12-studs-in-the-calf challenge, here’s Michael Essien doing Andy Carroll an extremely filthy physical discourtesy at Anfield last night…

Deemed worthy of a yellow card only.

Naughty Essien Goblin says…

“Nyah, I kill giraffe man! Steal his treasure!”


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  1. Degs says:

    To be fair, Ivanovic and Shelvey could have gone as well.

    But I’d rather see a match refereed like that than end up 10 v 9.

  2. Mr. Chopper says:

    Suarez’s elbow was pretty awful, too. The ref had a shocker.

  3. Lazarus says:

    Essien thought Caroll was a surfing board

  4. SL says:

    Yet another reason why we need video evidence for red cards, dives, penalties and goals.

  5. mom says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Thought Suarez`s was more of a forearm tbh during a tustle for the ball from behind Ivanovic.

    Two footed tackle from Essien, thought they was cracking down on these, retrospectivly. Although Shelvey did a nasty one also.

  7. FeintZebra says:

    Think some people need to learn what an elbow is:

  8. Toz says:

    I guess the referee was taking example from his Turkish counterpart?

  9. Anonymous says:

    whether or not suarez or any other player did something wrong is not the point, that was a leg breaking tackle and something that has the potential to end someones career! the fact it wasnt a send off is a joke and another example of how poor the refereeing has become in england!

  10. BallToHand says:

    Like a young Cheetah taking down a buffalo

  11. Mr. T says:

    I was pretty shocked it was only a yellow. Textbook sending off. Hard tackling is all good and fine but you cant lunge in two footed studs up from behind!

  12. Julio says:

    Suarez was at it again also. Horrible little man.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ FeintZebra

    Video of Suarez `elbow`?

  14. Milkchew says:

    @ Mr Chopper


    If you mean the inside of the elbow (Half armpit?) then yes. If you mean the actually elbow, then no, no. Ivanovich went down like a Kings Cross whore. Suarez wrapped his arm round his neck and the fella grabbed his face like hed been done over. These fakers need to be clamped down on.

  15. Rob says:

    Shocker, but Essien has been getting away with these snidey cowardly tackles all his career.

  16. shay says:

    Essien is probably just sick of looking at that ponytail like the rest of us. Andy Carroll is the ugliest girl in the league.

  17. Foran44 says:

    Reminded me of that tackle on Hamann of his a few years ago and got nothing for as well…that fella can get away with murder.

    Love Naughty Essien Goblin by the way

  18. Vans says:

    Suarez on ivan (clearly intentional no need for a flailing arm there), Shelvy on Rami and Shelvy kicking malouda in the head. No neeed to mention thoses i suppose, just the essien one?

  19. Ubietz888 says:

    Commentator stated it was never a penalty either.

    Ivanovic turns to line him up and plant an elbow into his sternum. Never even played for the ball.

    This tackle can also be deemed dangerous play and as such a red card.

    Ref had an absolute stinker.

  20. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    It’s shit like this that’s driving players and managers nuts. Another ref would have seen that as red and as spectators we’ve been told that the rule book says ANY tackle from BEHIND when deemed dangerous should be an automatic red. You don’t have to break a leg to get sent off. And Essien’s had previous hasn’t he? WTF Ref..

  21. Mr. Chopper says:

    Fair do’s, aye. My mind was playing tricks on me. That forearm is perfectly fine.

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