Liverpool Supremo John Henry Adds Insult To Injury, Unfollows King Kenny After Sacking Kop Idol

Alan Duffy

17th, May 2012


By Alan Duffy

“Poke me again on Facebook and I’ll block you, Kenneth”

Poor old Kenny Dalglish. Not only does he have to deal with the trauma of unemployment in middle-age, but now he has been forced to endure the ultimate social media humiliation, after Liverpool overlord John W Henry decided to unfollow him on Twitter soon after giving him the elbow from Anfield.

Prior to King Kenny’s dismissal, American sports magnate Henry followed a total of 13 people, including his manager. However, once the axe had fallen on Dalglish’s head, Henry immediately cut his ties with the Scot on Twitter in the ultimate cyber-act of finality.

Here is the (Dalglish-free) list of the chosen few followed by John W. (The fact he isn’t following Pies (@waatpies) is deeply upsetting, by the way)