Caption This: Roberto Martinez & John W. Henry Pop Out For Coffee In Miami

By Chris Wright

Pies says: “This summer’s blockbuster: Rob Martinez and John W. Henry star in ‘Slacks and the City'”

You say?

(Thanks to Pies fan @lumpy_dough for the nudge)

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  1. C says:

    “So, you wanna captain a sinking ship?”
    RIP Liverpool FC :(

  2. syndex says:

    Henry: Take a tour around Disney land or as the locals know it Anfield, the land of Make believe and fantasy can come true, one day we will win the premier league title.
    Martinez: Not even in the Magic Kingdom is that possible.


    We tried selling Carroll the the pants but even at 70% discount there were no takers.

  3. Max says:

    It’s a fake. That’s not my caption though – I don’t have one. It’s photoshop job.

  4. Mr Sensible says:

    All looks very……gay.

  5. deada says:

    Fake ? i guess stupid people always think is fake. Max are just born without common sense. It was confirmed that he was meeting him. So what is wrong with drinking coffee?

  6. sdfa says:

    Comments from liverpoo fans: FAKE! PHOTOSHOP!

    As always zzz, everthing is fake as long as you dont like.

  7. lurker says:

    henry: we want someone else anyway – just trying to pressure them into taking less money.
    martinez: i’m just trying to pressure whelan into giving me a transfer budget.
    henry: smashing!

  8. Joe says:

    Henry: Hey Rob, look down to your left… He looks pretty nimble, might be a good winger no?
    Martinez: Can’t be worse than Downing.

  9. Schweini says:

    Mr. Sensible how is two men just walking down the street very gay?

  10. Toz says:

    This isn’t really related to the photo, but Henry seems like such a douche.

  11. Jock says:

    “So, Roberto, after all the money wasted by Comoli and Dalglish on Carroll, Henderson, Downing, etc., there will have to be a period of austerity.”
    “Ok. So this is your idea of a free lunch, Mr Henry ?”

  12. Marquette Jer says:

    So it’s no on Liverpool then. Would you consider managing my other sinking ship in Boston?

  13. Anonymous says:

    marti: so, is ur wife part of the negotiation? if not, do you like swinger parties?

  14. krak says:

    marti: so, is ur wife part of the negotiation? if not, do you like swinger parties?

  15. Tellitasitis says:

    So Roberto, this football thing isn’t really working out for you…what do you know about Baseball??

  16. Jarren says:


    Just one question John…

    Will my eyebrows be acceptable in Liverpool?



  17. Jarren says:


    lol, Linda Pizzuti is his WIFE? I thought she was his girfriend.

    Jesus, just goes to show what a handsome man he is.

    I’m sure the fact that he is a billionaire had nothing to do with her decision to marry him.


  18. Fat Nakago says:

    “Roberto…I’m thinking a change of scenery will do you good. How about this…. We’ll make you General Manager of Rousch Fenway Racing and make Robbie Reiser the manager at Anfield.”

    “You mean I’ll be coaching auto racing? NASCAR?? I’m not sure I…”

    “Don’t worry…NASCAR is BIG in the States. You’ll do fine.”

  19. Jose Arrogantio says:

    Henry: “So, we’re currently developing a sequel, Dalglish III:The Fall of Sky Sports, and we’d like you to come on board”

  20. Anonymous says:

    Couldve worn a suit bob

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