Want To Hear A Finnish Power Ballad About Sami Hyypia? Of Course You Do… (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

It’s generally accepted that Sami Hyypia was and is the greatest, most effortlessly cool centre-back of his generation, so it’s only fitting that the gorgeously lank Finnish defender should have days dedicated in his honour, children named after him and sonnets and power ballads written about him – and fellow countrymen ‘The Left Foot Company’ have done just that, penning the achingly beautiful ‘Big Sam (The Great Defender)’ as a loving tribute to the flaxen-haired Finn…

The lyrics were apparently written by Jari Haapala, who coached a 17-year old Hyypia at his home town of Kuusankoski – which is a little on the creepy side, but hey ho!

Via Liverpool Echo.