Match Of The Day 2’s Solemn 96-Second Tribute To Hillsborough Disaster Victims (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

In lieu of rolling their usual credit sequence, MotD2 used the last 96 seconds of their broadcast yesterday evening to air a solemn tribute to the 96 people killed as a result of the Hillsborough stadium disaster…

As I thought to myself last night, it really was a lovely touch. The fact that the victims’ names were scrolled in descending age order really struck a chord too – the last name on the list, 10-year old Jon Paul Gilhooley, of course, being Steven Gerrard’s cousin.

Here’s BBC journalist Peter Jones’ tear-jerking eulogy as delivered on ‘BBC Sport on Two’ on the very day of the Hillsborough tragedy, April 15th 1989…

Via Reddit.