Liverpool Young’n Suso Fined £10k For Calling Jose Enrique ‘Gay’ On Twitter

Chris Wright

18th, December 2012


By Chris Wright

The FA have just announced that Liverpool midfielder Suso has been fined to the tune of £10,000 for ‘referencing a person’s sexual orientation and/or disability‘ on Twitter – more specifically calling teammate and compatriot Jose Enrique ‘gay’ and joking that had ‘mental problems’ after posting the following photo…

That’s one largely inoffensive, markedly unfunny and exorbitantly expensive joke right there.

Yes, it would appear over-sensitive on the FA’s part, especially seeing as it was obviously little more than flippant, throw-away BAAAAAAAANNNNNNTTTTZZZZZ!!!!, but for good or bad Suso is a professional footballer and therefore now duty-bound to use social media in the most anodyne manner possible for risk of ‘not setting a good example’ to the kiddywinks – of this fact, he was well aware.

It’s over the top, but at least the FA are attempting to apply a blanket punishment for all ill-judged social media bollock-drops. At least they’re trying to do something.

Being 10k lighter than he was this morning, Suso will definitely think twice about his Tweets from now on.