Martin Skrtel Nervously Inks First Ever Tattoo On Liverpool Fan (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, December 2012


By Chris Wright

The Royal Ink tattoo parlour in Liverpool recently put on a fund-raising day for the Hillsborough families by offering 96 Liverpool fans ‘JFT96’ tattoos in return for a minimum £9.60 donation to the charity.

One brave/foolish fan (delete as you see fit) was even lucky/unfortunate (again, delete as you see fit) to talk Martin Skrtel into putting the finishing touches to his tattoo. We’re going to opt for ‘foolish’ and ‘unfortunate’ if it’s all the same with you.

Now, of course, Skrtel is no stranger to the ink as his doodle-laden forearms will testify and he certainly looks like a guy who’s done more than his fair share of Russian prison tattoos with nothing but a safety pin and a bottle of Quink but, unlike defensive partner Daniel Agger, the Slovakian centre-half is a virgin with the needle itself and was visibly nervous as he daubed the finishing touches onto his victim’s back…

Said Skrts afterwards: “My hand was shaking. I think this was the first time and the last time, as well.”

It’s probably best if you don’t let Barry hear you saying that Martin!

(Via OTP)