FA Cup: Mansfield 1-2 Liverpool – Suarez Shoots Reds To Victory With A Little Help From His Hand (Photos & Highlights)

Alan Duffy

6th, January 2013


By Alan Duffy

Mansfield Town 1-2 Liverpool – FA Cup – 6th January 2013

The moment FA Cup mascot buddy attempted to shoot Mansfield boss Paul Cox. (Bet it was Suarez in the costume).

The pompous and the self-inflated of the footballing media world will be sharpening their (metaphorical) pencils today after their favourite baddie, Luis Suarez, blatantly handled the ball on the way to Scoring Liverpool’s winner against non-league Mansfield Town.

Prior to that palavar, the Reds had dominate the first-half at Field Mill, with new-boy Daniel Sturridge celebrating his debut for Liverpool with a well-taken goal on mins. However, after the break, the home side finally started to trouble the Reds, with front-man Matt Green a fleet-footed thorn in the visitors’ side.

With the home side pressing for an equaliser, Brendan Rodgers sent on star man Suarez early on in the second period and after just five minutes, the striker put his side 2-0 up, although the goal was full of controversy. After being put through on goal by Stewart Downing, the Uruguayan blatantly handled the ball before firing home. Although to be fair to the striker, he looked as though even he was expecting a referee’s whistle. But it never came.

Still, the home side still pressed and striker Green eventually levelled the scores for Mansfield, firing home from close-range to set up an exciting last 10 minutes. However, ultimately it was the Premier League big-boys who would secure passage into the fourth round of the cup.

Stags’ manager Paul Cox deserves much credit for his side’s performance, particularly in the second-half. Indeed, as well as the Suarez handball goal, at the other end of the pitch, Mansfield arguably could’ve had a penalty when the ball hit Joe Allen’s arm on the line.

Anyway, let the media outrage over Suarez begin. Again.



Photos: PA

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  1. pelon chupas says:

    Always against Suarez, fucking brits! You are racist at best, i dont understand your hate against latin people. He tried to move his hand but the play was so fast… look at his body languaje. He made many mistakes before, but not always gonna be the same.

  2. Dynamite says:

    A couple of quotes today on ESPN:

    Mansfield Town manager Paul Cox: Luis is a fabulous player and has fantastic caliber, his celebration was reactive and was not being cheeky. (Reporter – “Have you been cheated out of it?”) “No, it had taken a few deflections, Suarez kicked the ball in frustration as he didn’t think the goal had stood”. “Just because it’s Suarez everyone has a go at him, if the referee doesn’t see it then what can you do?”.

    Liverpool legend John Barnes: “You can see Luis didn’t really celebrate, it’s not his fault the referee hasn’t seen it. Luis didn’t think he had scored as he just kicked it in frustration”.

  3. Cool Joey Cole says:

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  4. franny says:

    @Dynamite – and suarez looking at the mansfield fans while kissing his wrist? classy eh?!

  5. Swamp dragon says:

    More importantly, who is the Mansfield owner’s wife? She is a hottie.

  6. a brit says:

    @pelon chupas

    Dont call me racist for being british. In fact, dont ever make a sweeping statement like that ever again. Pathetic.

  7. Jarren says:

    @Swamp dragon: She’s alright. A bit mental, but yeah.

    I wonder what first attracted her to a millionaire football chairman?

  8. Mr. Chopper says:

    @Jarren Well, she used to be an escort… So I’m guessing they might have had a few business meetings before IF YOU CATCH WHAT I’M SAYING.

    Suarez the pantomime villain strikes again.


    “Please sir, can I have an aut-”

  9. Scott says:


    that is how he celebrates all of his goals.

  10. Franny says:

    @Scott – fair enough, i’ve never paid attention to it before but it seems you’re right.

    Still a cheat… and crap of the officials, ah well.

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