Comedian John Bishop Performs Best Joke Of His Career, Gets Kicked In The Face By Robbie Fowler (Video)

Alan Duffy

11th, February 2013


By Alan Duffy

In recent years, comedian John Bishop has gone from B-list comic to A-Grade star, due to his rather gentle, if charming, brand of homespun japery.

Anyway, before Liverpool’s defeat to West Brom on Monday night, the comedian took part in a pre-match penalty shoot-out with legendary striker (and homophobic Le Saux taunter of old) Robbie Fowler in aid of the ‘Seeing Is Believing’ charity which fights avoidable blindness around the world.

Fowler was to take his spot-kick blindfolded but instead of hitting the target, the Liverpool legend  fired the ball from close-range at Biship, who was attempting some kind of tomfoolery or other.

Anyway, watch Mr. Bishop gets walloped by Fowler. Genuine guffaws, all-round.