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Luis Suarez Stops In Local Park To Play Football With Young Kid With Down’s Syndrome (Photo)

By Chris Wright


It may date back to last season, but a photo and accompanying anecdote are doing the rounds this morning which show Luis Suarez in an altogether more positive light than is usually the case.

Last year, Suarez was meandering around Calderstones Park in Liverpool when he noticed that a young lad, seven-year-old Ethan Mullin to be precise, was having a kick-around with his old man and a Liverpool FC ball.

Suarez joined in, posing for a photo with Ethan, who also happens to have Down’s Syndrome, and his father, David.

The best part is that David took a while to twig who Suarez actually was – with Ethan’s cousin, Ben Mullin, posting on the Liverpool Reddit page that his uncle initially assumed the interloper was just “some annoying man”.

Ben added:

“My uncle took quite a while looking at Suarez’s face as he’s not a massive follower of football, but – after a couple of minutes – it suddenly dawned on him.

“He asked if he was Luis Suarez and he sheepishly answered ‘yes’. Suarez was doing all of his famous dribbles and passing to Ethan.

“Ethan was clearly impressed but due to his age was not certain to who it was.

“But now he knows who he is and will treasure the image for the rest of his life.”

Apparently Suarez went on to let young Ethan nutmeg him, resisting the urge to shred his achilles and/or eat him alive.

Maybe he truly is a changed man, after all?

(Via Anorak and Reddit/LiverpoolFC)

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By Chris on April 8th, 2014 in Liverpool, Newsnow. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

14 Responses to “Luis Suarez Stops In Local Park To Play Football With Young Kid With Down’s Syndrome (Photo)”

  1. Rory says:

    Who won?

  2. mello says:

    the term “staged” crossed my mind when I read the headline. Another failed attempt to generate favourable PR in order to distract the public from his on-field antics.
    I feel sorry for the poor child.

  3. Al says:

    @ mello – ah you poor soul, it must be terrible to live your life as such a synic, be careful or you’ll end up in an early grave. See the good things in life and in people, if this had come out after the biting/racist incidents then fine but now? to distract from his on-field antics? his only antice this year have been ripping every defence in the league to shreds

  4. Steff says:

    “Changed man after all”? Okay, Suarez is a diver and a ratbag on the pitch who does everything to win games, but that hasn’t got anything to with his behaviour off the ground.

  5. the69ersfc says:

    Love Suarez. Not a fan of Liverpool by any stretch but Suarez is a total winner. Pantomime villain and pure box office entertainment.
    Uruguay good outside bet to win in Rio this summer…

  6. b says:

    nice. but he’s still a diver and cheat on the field.

  7. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Does he not have anything else to do than roving around in parks and getting on people’s nerves? useless layabout.

  8. Maria says:

    Come on people. Who he is as a person has nothing to do with what he does in the games. Yes, he dives, blah, blah, blah, still hell of a player. And that accusation of him being a racist, like no one ever name called him for being from South America……

  9. Paul says:

    So the racist pig is now a good soul?

  10. Jarren says:

    I do think Suarez is a changed man on the pitch.

    As others said here, this season he’s been nothing but pure class.

    How many scything tackles has he endured IN THE PENALTY BOX and not went down?

    He’s an inspiration to kids this season, which is an incredible thing to say.

    Regarding his off-field behaviour, from what I’ve read he’s a really nice bloke.

    Say what you want about him on the field, but you can’t say fuck all bad about him off it.

  11. TravisKOP says:

    He is only a cunt when he plays sports competitively. Aside from that hes a very nice guy and incredibly humble

  12. FrankLeeBrian says:

    I’ll believe this story when I see the bite marks on the kid’s arm.

  13. wat? says:

    Staged, huh? Well it did happen last year, so I guess if it was staged it makes complete sense to wait a year before publicizing, right? Please. If you hate Suarez, fine. But don’t be an ignorant cunt about it either.

  14. Manurung says:

    Suarez will never get right for bitches like Mello and Paul here (and also Evra the shit-faced cunt).

    All that matters is Suarez took the bans like a man, then plays fantastic football, scores briliant goals.

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