Steven Gerrard Escapes Action Over Michael Brown Clash

Chris Wright

16th, March 2010


By Chris Wright

The Football Association have confirmed they will be taking no action against Steven Gerrard after he petulantly (and not to mention blatantly) hit out at Portsmouth midfielder Michael Brown during Monday night’s Premier League tie.

The Liverpool captain aimed a forearm at Brown (who had been harassing Gerrard all game) as the Pompey midfielder ran across his path during the latter stages of the game, but the incident went unpunished and Gerrard was substituted shortly after.

Referee Stuart Atwell addressed the incident during the game (Atwell was seen to warn Gerrard before the subsequent free-kick) and FA rules state that retrospective punishments cannot be issued for infringements that the officials have already dealt with.

Steven ‘Teflon’ Gerrard lives to fight another day – quite literally!

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  1. john toher says:

    Yes Stevie is lucky to get away without a ban but tht Michael Browne went to block Gerrard with his arm first. Also Brown is a dirty player who loves to put the boot in

  2. Jesus says:

    This decision is a disgrace.

    I know we’ve all come to take the FA a bit lightly but this was completely intentional and blatant. If the rules state you can’t punish a player for what the entire world has seen as being wrong, you’re just encouraging other players to try doing the same.

    I think Brown is a cunt and deserves getting nutted once in a while but not to punish Gerrard is ridiculous.

    I’m not a Manc btw…

  3. syndex says:

    As I have said before gerrard is a dirty player and the FA are afraid to do anything to him and he is gradually becoming worse. It will come to a head when his mischief seriously injures someone.

  4. C says:

    Im a liverpool fan, and I expected the FA to ban him after that. That elbow was a utter disgrace.

  5. kimblim says:

    It’s a disgrace – now I don’t mind Michael Brown getting an elbow to his head, but that Stevie G isn’t punished is laughable! Especially considering that Rio Ferdinand got a 3-match suspension (increased to 4 matches for appealing) for a similar incident a month ago.
    Apparently Stevie G is untouchable and it makes me sick to my stomach.

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  7. will says:

    go on stevy g. what a legend. hes untouchable and its amazing to see everyone get annoyed about it. brown got what he deserved.

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  9. Dave says:

    Ive ranted many times about this prick so ill not today but it is an absolute disgrace that the thug should once again escape a ban. It makes my blood boil.

  10. megaman789 says:

    I think that he should have got fined for the v sign but not this arm thing. Seems to me pretty accidental. Gerrard did get away with it but I’m happy cuz I don’t want Liverpool to lose any players now plus Gerrard and co do deserve some slack after what they have gone through this season.

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